SMU Student Writes Nice Story About Michael J. Mooney

The SMU student newspaper has made some waves nationally over the last week, thanks to a well-intended but misguided op-ed about rape victims. Lost in that shuffle was another story, by a 19-year-old journalism student named Jehadu Abshiro. The headline, “Writer discusses reporting on doctor who treated Kennedy,” makes it sound like the story will be 1) focused a reporter who lived in Dallas in the 1960s and 2) mostly about the assassination.

The truth is, this story touches upon everything from strippers to bowling to modern art to Duck Dynasty. It gets into the up-and-down drama of writing contests and isolation and where ideas originate. Also, the story includes two nice quotes from Zac Crain, though upon second reference his name is spelled “Craine.”


  • Tim Rogers

    How do you profile Mike AND interview Zac and NOT mention killing giraffes or late-night, drunken foot races?

  • Liz L

    I’m sorry, by “well-intended” do you mean where she blames victim by repeatedly, in very clear language, asking for victims to bear blame for a crime committed against them. Yeah, sorry. Not well intended. Not even close.

  • Michael J. Mooney

    No, by “well-intended,” I mean that by writing the op-ed, the young writer was clearly trying to warn women against the dangers of alcohol, hoping to reduce the number of rapes. That’s a noble goal, even if the method isn’t effective (or, as in this case, even if it’s very offensive). Also, I don’t believe you are sorry.

  • Liz L

    You are correct, I was not, in fact, the least bit sorry. And, I think that you attribute good will that is unearned to this “young” writer. She’s in college, she’s been exposed to ideas, she’s not that young. However, she has been exposed to a case in her hometown that led to the op-ed, and it wasn’t because of the poor women who keep getting raped, it was because of the poor college boys who rape and get caught. So, her advice wasn’t because she thinks there are dangers in college and wanted to warn women, it was because she feels sorry for the perpetrators who keep getting hounded by the media, or however she worded it. YOUR consideration of the nuances that she COULD have been alluding to are worthy, but this writer was not trying to attempt this worthy cause of starting a discussion about signs and things to watch for on college campuses that might lead to crimes.

  • Liz L

    Also, that quote from Getschow was entirely too tame. I expected better.