It Has Come To This: Complaining About the Paint Job of the X Marking Where JFK Was Shot

Ace reporter Rodger Jones from the scene, where the X the city removed the day before Friday’s 50th anniversary commemoration has now returned:

It’s a relatively crude, hand-painted job, and it looks like tires moving over the wet paint made a series of faded Xs downstream of the one. … Previous X’s have consisted of white reflective traffic tape, not sloppy paint like what’s on there today. They are essentially tourist magnets and conversation pieces. … So now Elm Street has a sloppy, second-rate X out there today with little echoes radiating from it, just in time for Thanksgiving weekend crowds. Yuck.



  • Eric Celeste


  • Mr. Fixit

    Translation: “Are You Farting Killer Methane?”

  • TheSlowPath

    In order to compete on the global stage, Dallas needs a world-class assassination marker.

    • AmyS

      Sounds BIG. It could happen.

    • Tom L

      If you are against world-class markers, then you are against the city of Dallas.

  • RAB

    Not sure that the “X” was appropriate anyway. (Doesn’t an “X” denote buried treasure?)

    Maybe a circle, with a straight line for the mouth — and then two small “x”s for the eyes?

    (Too soon?)

  • Guestoftheregime

    The X should be in red.

  • Milk& cookies

    The X is an embarrassment. Can’t the City put a
    medallion in the road rather than the target ‘X’?
    It’s a horrible marker.