Help Us Find the October 1999 Issue of D Magazine

A small photo of the missing October 1999 issue.
A small photo of the missing October 1999 issue.

We’re still looking for the October 1999 issue of D Magazine. Do you have a copy? Do you know where we might find a copy? We’ve been missing both September and October in our archive room. Last time I posted this, we were looking for September and found it. So now we need October.

If you get us a copy, you’ll get my undying love and a high five from Zac. (I haven’t actually asked Zac if you’ll get a high five yet, so that’s kind of up in the air. We do have an intern who has the most amazing handshake you’ll ever receive. So I guess if Zac doesn’t want to give you a high five, I’ll ask the intern about the handshake. If she won’t do it, then my dog is really good at giving handshakes, if you have a treat.)

UPDATE: We found a copy!


  • Zac Crain

    I like high fives, so sure.

  • heels

    this is actually more interesting than the Greek Yogurt post

  • David Burrows

    This was in my house at some point… BRB

  • ThatSportsGirl

    I had this issue until my most recent closet cleanse. It was a great one. Half Price Books might have it….

  • BrandonS

    “UPDATE: We found a copy!’
    -Damn, as I know for a fact I have that issue, but it’s somewhere in an attic or PublicStorage facility in Richardson…meanwhile I’m in Germany…

  • Peter Kurilecz

    where did you find one?

    • Knightengale

      In our office. Someone had one in a pile of magazines under her desk. She didn’t realize that she had that pile of magazine, until recently, when she moved desks.

  • RAB

    Wait, you keep your magazine archives . . . in a pile under someone’s desk?