Did Don Williams Hire Lisa Blue to Represent a DISD Board Candidate? UNSURE.

So the District 8 DISD school board race (the vote is tomorrow) is between a pro-Miles candidate, Miguel Solis, and an anti-Miles candidate, Kristi Lara. This is important because there are currently four anti-Miles votes on what will be a nine-person board. (If you think that school board member Elizabeth Jones is pro-Miles just because she didn’t vote to fire him when she knew she didn’t have the votes to do so, then you’re just ridiculous.) This person will be the swing vote in whatever b.s. scandal the anti-Miles forces will drum up next — most probably merit pay for teachers, as Jim Schutze notes this week in the Observer.

Lara, you may know, brought and then dropped a ridiculous residency lawsuit against Solis. Schutze and others have wondered how Lara, who is unemployed, got super-mega-powerful-high-priced lawyer Lisa Blue to handle this case.

Let me be clear: I don’t know how. Let me be clearer: I like speculating, because blogs! So, if you made me guess, I’d say the guessing starts with Don Williams. After all, Williams has made Miles’s ouster his pet project. He made public a letter criticizing Miles, he went on TV and to the paper complaining about Miles, and then he paid three academics-ish to write “studies” saying the data suggest Miles should go.

Why do I think he could have hired Blue? Because he has before. Two years ago, when Williams’ nonprofit was trying to obtain tax credits for the Hatcher Square revitalization project (long story — takeaway, it didn’t work out well for Williams; read the decision here), he hired Lisa Blue as the lawyer, even though that’s a bit like hiring Michael Chabon to write event listings. Not only is Chabon incredibly overqualified, but his event listings would probably be unreadable. There would be endless digressions about Pittsburgh, and bisexuality, and comic books — actually, those sound pretty great. Insert a better example here. Just know Blue is WAY over-qualified for handling a local tax credits case. Just like she’s WAY over-qualified to be handling residency requirements cases from unemployed DISD school board candidates.


  • Schweaty

    1. My favorite Don Williams song is “Tulsa Time.”
    2. A+ for writing a blog post under 1,000 words.
    3. I thought you liked speculating because you are a Columnist! And that’s what Columnists!, not reporters, do.
    4. D+ for the Chabon simile. B+ if you were writing this for Exquisite Corpse or somesuch.
    5. Balls.

  • Tim Rogers

    Eric, you forgot to tag this post as a guess-tigation (and a very solid one, at that). I’ve corrected your oversight.

  • Bill Betzen

    Eric, if you think the concerns and questions about Mike Miles are without merit, then please prove that by answering the 10 questions at http://schoolarchiveproject.blogspot.com/2013/10/supporting-kristi-lara-questions-for.html

    These 10 questions were asked of Miguel Solis on 10-22-13. He had chosen not to respond. I think that tells you something. Please study the data and answer these questions so we can rest that what you say is correct.

  • Eric Celeste


    1. There are 5 questions here! Can you not count? That said, Schutze addressed all these.

    2. First sentence not true so rest is bulsh.

    3. No. You’re data cherry-picking.

    4. Hahahahahaha. Also, bulsh.

    5. There are people he should have listened to whom he did not. He is listening now.

    6. Not true. They are leaving because of the board, the very people whose ass you’re kissing.

    7. Pure bulsh. You do love the DMN though.

    8. I give you a D- for multiple-question asking! Check your work sir! Also, what?

    9. Wait, you note number of seniors going down but then are shocked fewer are taking college entrance tests? Are you reading what you’re writing, BB?

    10. “Historically they had reported to the first place after the decimal point.” [Collapses, commits sepukku.”

  • Eric Celeste

    Livin on Tulsa time. So great.

  • R Blake

    Love the guess-tigation. I wonder what’s next on the anti-Miles tactical plan.

  • Kk.

    Whatever silly nonsense they did didn’t matter, they got creamed.