Dallas To Celebrate ‘LBJ 50’ Event With Dr. Phil Playing President Johnson

An alert FrontBurnvervian sent me a link to this press release about “LBJ 50,” an event celebrating President Johnson’s historic inauguration. From the release:

LBJ/50 will culminate with a festive re-enactment of the inauguration on November 22, featuring native Dallasites in the key roles: Dr. Phil McGraw as President Johnson, Angie Harmon as Lady Bird Johnson, Selena Gomez as Jacqueline Kennedy and Morgan Fairchild as Judge Sarah T. Hughes, the only woman ever to swear in a president.

“We are confident this piece of living history will dominate the airwaves and social media the entire day,” Thackerton said. “Nobody has ever seen something like this before, and there’s simply nothing else people will want to talk about.”


  • Brett Moore

    Is Jerry Jones the casting agent? Did they pull names out of a hat?

  • Wylie H Dallas

    This is a joke…. Correct???

    • CSP

      Based on the next blog post after that one, yeah, it’s a joke.

  • Bobtex

    Now we know what Schutze writes in his spare time.