Will Pawn Stars Lure You Across Red River?

There’s a billboard on the Bush Turnpike touting an appearance by the cast of Pawn Stars at an Oklahoma casino next week. Are they going to be appraising gamblers’ knickknacks? Shaking hands by the door? Wrestling each other in mud? And would any of those activities be enough to make you drive to Oklahoma?


  • Borborygmus

    Personally I think there’s a story in those casinos. My suggestion: “OK or LAme? 4 Casinos, 4 Nights, A Serious Roblet by Tim Rogers and Zac Crain”. A Winstar vs. Choctaw vs. Margaritaville vs. Eldorado (or Sam’s Town) review, if you will. Consider it a public service.

  • Borborygmus

    It’s Monday, I’m on a roll. Like that idea? Here’s another: “I May Be Bald, But I’ve Got Great Hair” (alt. title: “A Proper Trim Can Cut 10 Pounds”). New trends in beards and moustaches, by (fill in the blank).

    Ya’ll need a men’s lifestyle magazine. NOT D Dad’s. More like D HE.