The SAGA Pod 3.1: Philip Kingston Calls the City Manager’s Office ‘Sneaky’

That’s just a taste of the candor District 14 councilman Philip Kingston displays in this week’s pod. He also tells us why he’s so disappointed in Mayor Mike, why he’s not hopeful that tomorrow’s Uber report will shed the brightest light on the problem, and why he thinks we need to rethink our approach to hiring a city manager. (He also updates us on the Museum Tower situation, and tells me, after I rant about Uber fanboys, that I’m wrong. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.) Afterward, Tim (and his wife) interview me about why the hell I’m doing a podcast. He also comes up with a surefire business model to make the pod profitable. As always, go here to subscribe on iTunes (although it won’t be up for awhile) or use this feed in your RSS browser.

Or, as my stats say so many of you prefer, listen right here. Enjoy.



  • EricCeleste

    Update: It’s up on iTunes.

  • Tim Rogers

    I really enjoyed the interview with Kingston. Solid. Though “blocking and tackling” is an odd choice of crutch phrase on his part.

  • Eric Celeste

    That phrase is very SOP in corp circles.

  • Jada Wooten

    Thanks. Angela. Hunt I’m. Team Kingston!