• Hallie

    The Observer may have Stephen Colbert, but y’all have the creepy lady from Lost.

  • Tim Rogers

    “When I’m at the newsstand, I’m like a kid in a candy store. The brighter the wrapper, the more it attracts me. So I’ll pick up Texas Monthly or D or whatever it is that makes me think, ‘Ooh, shiny cover story!’ I would love to say that it’s more intelligent than that, but it’s not.”

    That is, in fact, how we plan our covers. “Make it shinier!” And so on.

  • Anonymous

    If the auto-play isn’t turned off on this damn thing, I won’t visit Frontburner for a month.

    • Jason Heid

      I would suggest you use a different browser, because the video is not set to auto-play and is not auto-playing in most.