Romo Boosts Santorum’s First Big Film Venture

Tony Romo loves movies, Jesus.
Tony Romo in Plano last night.

“This was easy,” Tony Romo was saying last night. “I love movies. I love Christmas. I love Jesus.” The Dallas Cowboys quarterback was explaining why he’d shown up at West Plano’s Cinemark Theater, where a new movie called The Christmas Candle was being premiered. The feature flick is the first national release from a Dallas outfit called EchoLight Studios, a Christian production company whose CEO is Rick Santorum, the former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania.

The film, set in England in 1890, is scheduled to open Nov. 22 in at least 400 screens nationwide. Santorum, who was also at the Cinemark, said EchoLight’s hoping to bank at least $2 million on opening weekend, which would be like “hitting a home run.” Welcoming the packed house before the screening, the former Republican presidential candidate said, “For the first 1,900 years since the birth of Christ, all great art was made by or for the church. It’s only in the last 100 years that we’ve abandoned the field. … The consequences [of that] are being seen throughout our society in the destruction of the very values that we believe in.”

If Santorum’s aiming to stem the destruction with The Christmas Candle, however, his prospects aren’t great. While the film’s aim is earnest and its production values are excellent, the story is plodding and confusing. The cast does include some big names, including The Mummy’s John Hannah and the Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle, in her feature-film debut. (Boyle proves that, as an actor, she is a very good singer.)


  • Jason Heid

    Pretty sure Santorum could use a lesson in art history.

    • D. Shapiro

      Come on Jason, he’s a politician, not a professional speaker.

    • Anonymous

      The Garden of Earthly Delights was a great work of art. All great works of art was made for or by the church. It is time to get naked and have a good time!

  • Jason Heid

    Huh? He didn’t misspeak. He’s either purposefully misrepresenting history (lying), or he sincerely believes that myth he’s repeating (ignorant).

  • EricCeleste

    “I love movies. I love Christmas. I love Jesus.” Best Twitter profile ever.

  • Jesus with a silent J

    There is a lot of money in the political Jesus business.

  • jan

    OK…who photoshopped Romo’s eyes?

    • mateoshelley

      i was wondering the same thing

  • losingmyreligion

    And for much of that time, the ‘church’ he’s talking about was the Catholic Church, which I suspect isn’t exactly the one Santorum would like to be modeling his film venture on. And what church did da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa for? What church did Vermeer, Durer, Rembrandt, Watteau, Gainsborough, Reynolds, Fragonard, David, Goya paint some of their greatest works for? I think ignorant should be modified to ‘colossally ignorant.’

  • Tyler Kuelbs

    Wow! I had no idea Tony and I had so much in common!! Our live of football AND movies, Christmas and Jesus!!!

  • stan

    Santorum is a BIG Catholic.

  • Jack Jett

    SNL skit writer’s wouldn’t know where to begin with this one. How awesome is it that Ricky Sue is a History Improver and the Media allows him to get away with it. He doesn’t even have to keep his own versions of it straight. Speaking of straight, you have to admit it is incredible that he was able to get through a speech without mentioning gay men showering together.
    BTW, I love Jesus, I love Christmas, Lucy Liu, Provolone Cheese, Pastor Robert Jeffess, Closets, Cases, and Tom Leppart.

  • Dawn Quiett

    Maybe I can get hired to do the publicity for this. I just did The Runaway Slave featuring CL Bryant, the former NAACP president of the Garland chapter. (Yep, you got that right. A black republican tea party member) I still have all of my fake email addresses and phone numbers. No way was I giving out my real number to that group.

  • CatholicLisa

    Thanks for sharing the quote about art. Santorum is right about that, of course, and it’s no small thing. Contrary to your opinion, though, I think the movie will be a big hit. I just watched the trailer and it’s very inspiring.