Renovated Tower Snags Space Needle Manager

The tower's ready-made for private parties.
The tower’s ready-made for private parties.

I know, Zac doesn’t like the name, and Nina’s already done the full tour. But I’ll say flat-out that if you’re showing Dallas off to a visitor, Reunion Tower’s refurbished observation deck is looking like a must first stop. Besides all its fancy interactive displays and the available Wolfgang Puck grub, the views in every direction are spectacular.

Chris Kleinert and Jeanne L. Phillips of Ray Hunt’s business empire, which owns the landmark, say they consider Reunion to be part of a loose network of similar iconic “observation towers” around the world: New York’s Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Seattle’s Space Needle, and so on. In fact, Reunion even snatched Dusti Groskreutz away from the Space Needle to manage the operation here. To lure visitors they’ll be relying on social media, word-of-mouth, the web and radio, with plans to kick everything off tonight at 9 with a grand-opening fireworks display. Country station KSCS-FM (96.3) will broadcast the proceedings live, with a soundtrack including plenty of patriotic tunes. Lee Greenwood, anyone?


  • Pegaso

    I’m disappointed that they don’t offer any type of membership like the Perot Museum. Let’s say $50-$100/year for unlimited visits and $X off guest passes. That would encourage locals to buy a membership and bring their out-of-town guests in. Unlimited visits = lots of lunches and drinks at the bar.

    As it is, the $16 admission will get me in once or twice a year. That’s it.

  • Zac Crain

    Again, it’s GOOEY DECK. We all agreed on this. Thanks.