Mike Rawlings’ Plan to Make Downtown Dallas The Envy of All Texas, Cont.

I’ve got some questions about Mayor Rawlings’ proposals for downtown:

1. How, exactly, am I supposed to get funky … with Christmas lights? Rawlings understands we all live in apartments, right? Mine has two windows that open. Am I supposed to crawl out on the ledge of the fifth floor of my building and hang lights? Seems a bit dangerous. Also, Downtown Dallas Inc. does a pretty great job with lights during its City Lights event. We even have orbs above all the intersections. How much funkier can you get? Also, I’m not completely sold on the idea that hanging some lights will make downtown everything we want it to be.

2. I’ve got a few questions on that eyeball. Sure, it’s cool. But it’s STILL not ready to go. They’ve been working on it for several weeks, and there is some landscaping, but it’s not finished. Also, there’s a fence all the way around it. Will that be there once it’s finished? Because as much fun as it is to take a picture of something behind a gate, I’d rather be able to have some access.

3. Let’s hear more about this change team. (And how is it different from the Downtown Residents Council and DDI?)



  • Darren

    Krista, would like to hear what you think about the grocery, um, I mean “food boutique” that opened in the DPL building.

  • mikep

    you ARE funky Krista !

  • tested

    I think he suggested Christmas lights due to the time of year. Its a starting point. I frankly think the numerous huge light displays that are seen on many downtown buildings now could be a cool selling point. If the big green building (can’t remember its official name) comes back with a multicolored display in November it will just add to that identity for downtown. Embrace that. Maybe find a way to better coordinate the displays for holidays. Its an inviting thing for people to come down and see.

    • Knightengale

      As I said, DDI does this already. City Lights is November 16 (http://www.downtowndallas.org/do/#/events/34). The streets are shut down and a lot of people come out and walk between Belo Garden and Main Street Garden. The crawl tubes at Neimans are opened, and all the lights on the buildings downtown are turned on. Santa comes down from a roof, and there are fireworks. It’s great. I love it. And people do come visit.

  • AmyS

    Boy, it would sure be nice to see a few city sponsored holiday lights on the Dallas side of Preston Center.

  • Knightengale

    I’m ashamed to admit that I have not been. My husband went to get some stuff the other night for dinner, and ended up going to both the grocery store and CVS to get what we needed. I plan to check it out this week. I’m glad we have options.
    I know grocery stores are important to downtowns, but for me personally, it’s never been an issue. When someone asks where I get my groceries, I ask where they go. I don’t see a difference from when I lived in Uptown and got in my car to go to the store to now, where I get in my car to get to the store.

  • Darren

    I’ve been twice, and am not impressed. It is a food boutique and not a day-in day-out grocery store. Prices are double or triple what I pay at Kroger. Last time I went, the clerk had to open the automatic door for me from the inside, because the sensor outside was missing.

  • Onlinealias

    I think giant balls hanging from the center of each intersection on Main Street is plenty funky enough, thankyouverymuch.