Leading Off (10/29/13)

2014 Final Four Projected To Generate $276 Million In Spending. Says this total guess, which has the AT&T Stadium-hosted event breaking the attendance record by almost 10,000 fans per game for no reason other than, literally, the local committee says that will happen. So why not say the games will break the record by 20,000? If we’re just projecting here and no one is going to check the math. Come on. No small dreams, gang.

Suspect In Fatal Arlington Shooting Surrenders After 7-Hour Standoff. A man in his 30s was pronounced dead at the scene. And police spokesmen still don’t understand what “taken into custody without incident” means, because a 7-hour standoff is the dictionary definition of “incident.”

Someone Stole 100-Pound Pumpkin From Southlake Lawn. If I told you there was a story headlined “Southlake’s Great Pumpkin Theft” on the NBCDFW website, how disappointed would you be to learn that it was not reported by Scott Gordon? After the story about the goat getting up into some lady’s garden and the woman who let some random guy perform surgery on her chubby dog — both Scott Gordon joints — well, I admit I was pretty disappointed this was the handiwork of Julie Fine.

At Least Two People Are Mad That Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez Is Offering Muslim Prisoners Special Meals During Ramadan. “I can see why people are outraged,” says one of the people who is outraged. Give them bread and water, says the other person who is outraged. Rahr rahr rahr angry statement full of anti-terrorism bald eagle noises, say other critics of Valdez’s decision, who I guess exist. Maybe.

Lewisville Lake Resort and Convention Center Project Moves Ahead. Only problem so far: it is still planned to be built at Lewisville Lake.

Happy NBA Day, Everyone!