Leading Off (10/17/13)

Ted Cruz: Now Disliked By Everyone. So there was one positive result of the government shutdown.

Code Name: Fried Chicken. That was the name Texas Scenic and SRO Productions used to keep their work on Big Tex secret. Still a secret: who provides Big Tex’s voice. Not a secret, but barely registering: how much I care.

Minor Earthquake Hits Near Cedar Hill. It registered 2.4 on the Richter scale. Ted Cruz blamed the earthquake on Senate Republicans not supporting House Republicans.

Abilene Man Sues Top Golf After Fall. Carlos Palomo says his career in the Air Force is over after falling from the second level. The story I linked to includes the following passage: “Top Golf promotes itself as a golf entertainment and hangout venue. The company’s website shows video of customers hitting golf balls, dancing, drinking and having fun.” I guess I don’t follow. What should Top Golf promote itself as? A place where you definitely will not fall and hurt yourself? Sure, I guess, maybe. How about a grain silo filled with store-brand soft drinks? A monkey sanctuary? A haunted mansion? A discount office furniture outlet? A city magazine?

Sixth Floor Museum Attacked By — Gasp — Graffiti Vandals. Look, I don’t condone what happened. Not at all. And it sucks. You spend a stack of cash refurbishing, getting ready for the JFK assassination anniversary, and then someone tags your benches. But come on. Not a news story. Don’t clutch your pearls over this. Just blame it on Obama, and move on.


  • Eric

    Come on, Cruz on down, Cruz on down the road
    Come on, Cruz on down, Cruz on down the road
    Don’t you carry nothing that might be a load
    Come on, Cruz on down, Cruz on down, down the road

  • Dubious Brother

    The MSM would like you to think that everyone dislikes Senator Cruz. I like him because he is who he said he would be before he was elected. Obama lied about Obamacare and nobody knew what was in the bill until after it passed without one Republican vote. As more and more people find out that their premium will be substantially higher, they have to change networks, their deductible is higher, families will not save $2,500 per year ….. people will then appreciate what Mr. Cruz was trying to convey but they were too ……….. to understand.

  • Zac Crain

    Oh, DANGIT, I’ve been fooled by the stupid ol’ MSM again. [shakes fist] WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?

    Listen, I know exactly what Mr. Cruz was trying to convey because, as you said, he is exactly who he said he would be before he was elected. And I don’t appreciate it.

    As for Obamacare, I could refute your assertions and you could come back with refutations of my refutations and and so on and we could go around and around, but we are not going to agree and we’ll be right back to where we are.

    So I’ll just say, thank you for being more polite than I was at the beginning of this comment (though it was a pretty tame joke) and let’s just go about our business.

  • Really

    The real story of Big Tex’s voice is that it is not live. It is a disappointing canned recording. Today on the last Thursday of the fair, he was promoting Dr Pepper $5 Tuesdays. With a real person at the mic, that would be an unlikely mistake.

  • Dubious Brother

    I have several decades of experience in health insurance and knew from the beginning that the promises that were being made to the American public were so off the wall that they were laughable but then the Dems made their back room deals to get the votes to pass the bill with zero votes from the Republicans and with no one knowing what was in the bill.

    So when Senator Cruz stands up and says this bill is so bad that we should not go forward with it because of the damage it will do he is doing the right thing. I don’t think he wants to be able to say I told you so down the road but he will be able to.