Leading Off (10/15/13)

You Won’t Be Attending the JFK 50th Commemoration. I’m just guessing here. But the last emails confirming who got tickets in the random drawing arrived yesterday. You didn’t get one. About 5,000 people will get to hang out in Dealey Plaza on the big day. About half will be Dallas residents. The others will be VIPs and out-of-towners. Almost 14 years ago, I made my way to Washington, D.C., for a mass gathering to ring in Y2K. For Y3K, I will not seek out such a crowd. That’s because I’m wiser and more crowd-averse now. And, also, because an online life-expectancy calculator says I’ll only live to 73, which means that by Y3K, I’ll have been dead for 957 years. Anyway, am I the only person who has no desire to hang out at Dealey Plaza on November 22?

General Motors Unveils New Stomping Plant in Arlington. I loved Stomp the Yard. Cool movie. So this is great news. Plus, there’s Stomp, obviously. So the fact that GM spent $200 million to build a stomping plant in Arlington is frickin’ awesome. What? It’s a stamping plant? Oh. Well, I guess that’s cool, too. Whatever.

Former Playboy Model Leaves DISD To Help Kittens. I’m so confused. Cristy Deweese, the lady who once upon a time appeared in Playboy and then became a Spanish teacher, suggested on Twitter yesterday that she got fired. Then she said she signed a contract that prevents her from doing interviews until November 8. Then she said she’s got a gig at an animal shelter, where she plans to “love on some kitties.” Why would this shelter keep her from doing interviews? And what does this have to do with merit pay? And is this all part of Mike Miles’ punishment?

Picture of Convicted Murderer You Might Want To Gawk At. Thomas Layton shot his mother in the head while she slept. Then he robbed her. Just me, or does he bear a resemblance to a famous psychopath?

Video of Lightning Strike You Might Want To Watch. Here.


  • D. Shapiro

    Thomas Layton looks nothing like (insert name of anyone but Charles Manson for comedic effect).

  • Randy

    You were wrong, Tim. I did not want to watch the lightning strike.

  • Dan Koller

    You are not the only person who has no desire to hang out at Dealey Plaza on November 22.