Leading Off (10/11/13)

Dallas ISD Board May Strip Powers From Mike Miles. On Thursday, trustees discussed the prospect of moving the district’s investigative unit under their control rather than the superintendent’s and creating a policy that requires top administrators to cooperate with investigations. The recent report on Miles’ conduct by Paul Coggins  found that he hadn’t violated district policy by not cooperating with investigators because there’s no district policy requiring him to do so. The board also might make the superintendent get its approval for any severance payments. They’re expected to vote on the changes later this month.

Deion Sanders Calls Charter School Co-Founder ‘a Snake.’ Yesterday afternoon we mentioned that Sanders got into a scuffle with an employee of his Prime Prep Academy. When WFAA called Sanders about the incident, he criticized the way the school is being run by his co-founder:

“D.L. Wallace is no good. He’s a snake,” Sanders said. “He ain’t no good. All he is there for is money. I’ve got African American kids dropping out of school. I’m trying to keep them in school, get them through college. This dude is trying to get a check.”

Wallace is a marketer and motivational speaker without prior experience in education, running a school that was sold to the public on the strength of its association with a former professional athlete, and paying himself a six-figure salary. How could anyone have predicted this wouldn’t turn out well?

Today is Double Ten Day in Taiwan. The holiday celebrates the start of the Wuchang Uprising, which led to the end of imperial rule and the establishment of the Republic of China. (The government of which later was forced to flee to Taiwan and controls only that island rather than mainland China.) Also, for reasons that remain mysterious to even those of us who work at D Magazine World Headquarters, it’s a holiday for our office. Sure, we could have just taken off an American holiday on Monday instead, since it’s Columbus Day, but we didn’t. Maybe it’s because we refuse to celebrate a holiday that honors a man whose actions led to the subjugation and genocide of the Native American peoples. Some of us (though certainly not all) are sensitive to the plight of the indigenous tribes of North America. So maybe that’s the reason. Probably not though. I think it was just decided that we like getting Fridays off better than Mondays. At any rate, that’s why posting may be light. And if you do not log in via one of your social media accounts, any comment you make on our blogs could be waiting in moderation for quite some time. So save yourself the trouble and just log in. It’s easy, and it’ll allow your comment to appear immediately, without some meddling editor having to read it first.


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    Observation: Deion has a history of personal and professional relationships that are strained or end badly. I thought his award-winning smile could fix anything.

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      Aww, this time Neon Deion couldn’t make a reign. Truph.