In Defense of Jerry Jones’ Flip Phone

Jerry Jones does it old school.
Jerry Jones does it old school.

I don’t follow college football, so I wasn’t aware of the apparent hubbub sparked on Twitter by the sight of billionaire Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones at the recent Arizona State-Notre Dame game talking on an old-fashioned (yes, the mid-Aughts are now olden times) flip-style cellular phone.

For example, Matt Barrie, an ESPN anchor who used to work at Dallas’ own NBC 5, tweeted, “Jerry Jones is worth over a billion dollars, but my man still uses a flip phone…#BlessHisHeart.”

But over on, Jarrett Bellini has made the case for Jones’ mobile telephonic device preferences:

Hell, maybe that’s why Jerry Jones is so successful. He can’t be bothered with all these distractions. Whereas, at this very moment, the following apps are currently running in the background of my iPhone:

Messages, Safari, Facebook, Twitter, Clock, Evernote, USA Today Crossword, Reddit Pics, The Weather Channel, Instagram, Fox Sports, Clock, Camera, RSA SecurID, Tottenham Hotspur, Mail, Calendar, Remote, ESPN ScoreCenter, Key Ring, Google Maps, YouTube, MyRadar, and Settings.

Currently running on Jones’ phone: Phone.

Clearly, one of us is more distracted. And perhaps there’s a correlation between focus and wealth.

Jones’ net worth: $3 billion.

My net worth: A Diet Coke and some pineapple chunks.


  • Alice F.

    I still use a flip phone. I am not worth $3 billion. Sigh.

  • B

    That’s the ‘Breaking Bad’ Jerry dealing to reach the glory hole

  • Dallas Expat in MT

    Jerry uses the flip phone to help us remember those 3 Super Bowls in the 90s.

  • mikep

    old drunks cannot multitask

  • robbie

    Yep. Millennials are eager to own Smart Phones. Paleolinial Jones would rather just own money. Come to think of it now, money has all kinds of apps.

  • BrentDude

    Burner phone