How the State Fair Nearly Lost the Texas Star Ferris Wheel

All the talk over the last year was about the loss–and rebirth–of Big Tex. (Something we’ll all regret if/when he eventually comes to life and attacks.) But apparently the State Fair nearly lost another icon, the 212-foot-tall Texas Star. Central Track has the story here, and it includes some interesting information about the ride’s history and the family that has owned and operated it since the wheel was erected in 1985.


  • Anonymous

    Bring back the Comet!

  • Bill Marvel

    Wouldn’t it be neat if the Texas Star broke loose and just started rolling around the city, crushing everything in its path? Like of of those 1950s Japanese science fiction movies?

    • Michael J. Mooney

      I think about this exact thing every time I ride it. I don’t think the damage-to-awesome-viewing-experience ratio would be too bad actually.