Fantasy Gifts That Didn’t Make It Into the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Raya has a look at this year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas Book over on ShopTalk. Do take a look at it, as it features the phrase “preeminent falconry hood maker.” I’m friendly with some of the people who help string together the Fantasy Gifts section, and they agreed to share with me (and I agreed with myself to share with you) some of the gifts that almost made it in, but were left out for whatever reason.

• an envelope containing definitive proof who killed JFK

• a Larry Hagman hologram programmed to laugh at the buyer’s jokes and freeze out anyone else

• private African Safari with the reunited cast of Magnum, P.I.

• a Ducati motorcycle fueled solely by the hopes and fears of the residents of Helena, Montana

• a year’s supply of pterodactyl steaks

• a sixth season of Breaking Bad filmed exclusively for and viewable only by the buyer

• Rhode Island

• something called “the $100,000 Grilled Cheese Sandwich”


  • Matt

    Zac, you may want to change your blogger password, someone has hacked in and posted pretty half baked stuff with your username the last 2 days.

    • Zac Crain


  • HausOfHunter

    Heh. ‘Breaking Dead.’


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  • Lt. Dan

    I own a Ducati DreamCycle

  • Sarah Bennett

    I think the Hagman hologram is doable.