Does the Disposition of the AT&T Stadium Roof Affect the Cowboys?

JerryWorld, in the heart of Cluck City,   photo by Marco Becerra/Flickr
JerryWorld, in the heart of Cluck City, photo by Marco Becerra/Flickr

After that beautiful Sunday a week ago when the Cowboys played the Broncos with the roof closed on the stadium, we got to talking in the office about how the roof’s disposition may or may not correlate with the team’s win-loss record. So with a little help from the Cowboys front office and the internet, I put it all together. What you see below is the most comprehensive data set ever assembled in the history of mankind that shows the correlations between the Cowboys’ record, the stadium roof, and the prevailing meteorological conditions.

Short version is this: the Cowboys have played 37 home games at the Death Star. I’m including the one playoff game at the end of the 2009 season. I am excluding preseason games. The team is 6-7 with the roof open (46 percent wins) and 15-9 with it closed (62 percent). So the next time the weather is really nice and you wonder why Jerry hasn’t pulled out his LiftMaster garage-door clicker to open the roof — don’t. Obviously, the battery died in the clicker at the end of the 2012 season, when Jerry was using it for nearly every game. He didn’t bother to replace the battery because he knows the team fares better with the roof closed.

9/20/09   Giants        L   7:20p     open open         84   partly cloudy
9/28/09   Panthers   W  7:30p     closed closed
10/25/09 Falcons     W   3:15p      closed closed
11/1/09    Seahawks   W     12p      closed open
11/22/09 Redskins    W     12p      closed open
11/26/09 Raiders      W   3:15p       open open      62
12/13/09 Chargers     L    3:15p     open open        74
1/3/10      Eagles        W    3:15p     closed closed
1/9/10      Eagles         W       7p       closed closed

9/19/10    Bears          L       12p       closed closed
10/10/10 Titans         L     3:15p       closed closed
10/25/10 Giants         L    7:30p      open open          84
10/31/10 Jaguars       L        12p      closed closed
11/21/10  Lions         W        12p       closed closed
11/25/10  Saints         L       3:15p     closed closed
12/12/10 Eagles         L       7:20p     closed closed
12/19/10 Redskins    W        12p        open closed      51

9/26/11 Redskins     W      7:30p      open closed        85
10/2/11 Lions             L          12p       closed closed
10/23/11 Rams         W       3:15p      closed closed
11/6/11 Seahawks     W          12p       closed closed
11/13/11 Bills              W       12p         closed closed
11/24/11 Dolphins     W      3:15p        closed open
12/11/11 Giants          L        7:20p       closed closed
12/24/11 Eagles         L        3:15p        closed closed

9/23/12    Bucs          W         12p          closed closed
10/1/12     Bears         L       7:30p         open open        80 sunny
10/28/12  Giants       L        3:25p        open open         62 sunny
11/18/12   Browns     W        12p            open open        65
11/22/12   Redskins  L        3:25p          open open       75 w little rain in 2Q
12/2/12     Eagles      W       7:20p           open open      75
12/16/12   Steelers   W        3:25p           open open      72 clear
12/23/12   Saints       L           12p           open open         63

9/8/13      Giants       W       7:30p         closed closed
9/22/13    Rams        W          12p           closed closed
10/6/13     Broncos    L       3:25p           closed closed
10/13/13   Redskins  W       7:30p          closed closed