DFW Airport Should Just Open the Damn Gates

Or when frustrated drivers start busting right through them, the airport may find itself without any gates left. From a FrontBurnervian:

Tried to exit DFW about 7:30 last night. System was down — at least intermittently — and wouldn’t read my tolltag.  Not just me.  In the lane to my right, there was nearly a riot and someone just drove through the gate breaking it off.  I looked as I heard it hit the ground. People out of their cars in line, horns honking, and the poor bastards in the green vests trying to help people. In my own case, the green vest guy pushed a button and I was then talking with someone through the little speaker in the credit card box(kind of like a bad Jack in the Box drive through joke).  Very hard to hear him with all the engine noises, horns and yelling. He asked when I drove into the airport and figured up my bill as $47. I said fine, but the machine won’t read my tolltag.  He said, “Well, you can use a credit card.” I had to exit my vehicle, and get a credit card out of my luggage to insert into the machine. It produced a receipt and opened the gate. I wonder if I also will be billed something on the tolltag eventually. The last time this happened it cost me a couple of hours and several phone calls to get it straight. I wonder why when this new “upgraded” system fails, they don’t just pass the traffic (but of course that would cost the airport money). The yelling, the honking, the people out of their cars, the broken gate — I honestly thought there was going to be a riot.

This is simple. Take a cue from business. When a customer complains about their subscription to D Magazine, we don’t investigate whether they are right or wrong. We just issue a refund. When you don’t like a product from Amazon, they don’t make you fill out a form. They just issue a refund. When its wonderful new tolltag system breaks down for the umpteenth time, DFW Airport has a similar option. Open the gates. Let everyone through. Fix the system before you try to charge for it.


  • mikep


    • helentrent

      This adds nothing to the conversation. The President had nothing to do with the ineptness of the local airport board. Grow up.

  • SybilsBeaver

    The system out there is a total joke. For something that was supposed to speed up the process of entering and exiting the airport, this project has done the complete opposite. Thank goodness when we fly we can park in the employee lot so I dont have to deal with that mess. And now I wont even go through the airport as a shortcut to Grapevine bc the time saved is usually lost at the exit gate

  • DallasMom

    Offsite parking lots like the Parking Spot are looking like a more efficient way to keep your car nearby, without dealing with the DFW parking mess and the slow Terminal Link buses. Better yet, can I Uber ride to DFW for my next business trip?

    • Jim

      You can take UBER but they too will be stuck at the exit if the problem is not fixed. Very frustrating for the frequent traveler. Not a simple answer except to OPEN THE DAMN GATES!!!

    • todd

      The problem with that is, unless those offsite parking businesses have a dedicated or secret route in and out of the airport, they have to go threw those exit lines as well. You may not get charged for extra parking, but your exit will be delayed.

  • Dubious Brother

    What company is behind this system? DFW is taking the flack since they purchased the system but some company is responsible for selling DFW on the idea and then installing this mess. Who is it? Are they Canadian? Was this a no bid contract? What politician is benefitting financially? This isn’t a bug in the system as it has been going on for months.

  • D. Shapiro

    Clearly this has something to do with Hitler.

  • BrentDude

    Who keeps their credit card in their luggage?

  • allison

    I am currently returning something on Amazon (non-fulfilled by Amazon) and I had to fill out a form before my return was accepted by the seller. Just saying.

    That said, open the damn gates.

  • Matthew

    Thanks Bin Laden

  • Neal K

    General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity…, if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate!

  • OnlineAlias

    And what does your comment add? Besides stupidly?