Debut of the SAGA Pod, with Tim Rogers and Mark Followill

By Saturday, this will be my studio setup.

The new boss told me to do a podcast, so here it is. I resurrected the name from a blog I started back in 2005 — SAGA: Super Awesome Good Analysis. In this first pod (Episode 1, Season 1), I talked to Timmy about his feature story that went live Tuesday, this profile of Ladar Levison. Then I talked to Mark Followill, voice of the Dallas Mavericks, about what he expects to see from the Mavs this season.

Now, the list of caveats. I put this together myself, so, yes, people whose ears I assault, I’ve already ordered sound foam for my recording area and a pop shield for my mic. I know I should have started talking earlier after my intro. I know I called him “Eric Snowden.” I interviewed Mark way back on Sunday night and Tim on Tuesday night, because I didn’t know it would take two days for iTunes to approve it. Look, I’m an idiot. But I can get smart people to talk to me and say interesting things. And it’s SO much easier than typing, especially since I have a day job. So imma keep doing it.

So fight through my mistakes and listen to their good strong voices say words that will tickle your ears. The production values will get better every week. You can listen and/or subscribe to it on iTunes here. If you want to listen to it on the web, you can go here. If you need the RSS URL, go here. You won’t be able to search for it in your app player for a few days. Anyhoo, Enjoy.


  • ThatSportsGirl

    I am in love with this on every level.

  • Tim Rogers

    Eric, you also referred to him throughout our interview as “Ladar Levinson.” Anyway, I’m honored to appear with Followill in the first episode. It is very strange to see your face now alongside the artwork for Radiolab and This American Life in the podcast library on my phone.

  • davidswinney

    All right, Eric. I’m in. Just added the subscription to my Instacast app.

    Be interesting. 🙂

  • Wylie H Dallas

    How do I call in to a podcast? [confused]

    • Eric Celeste

      Juuuuust keep trying.

  • RAB

    Any chance you can link to the old S.A.G.A. site? It was truly awesome.