Could a Company Have a More Awesome Mascot Than a Monkey With a Jetpack?

rsz_3189_36bad24383b92d643b0b06bb34457308I’d never heard of Fort Worth-based WDS Logistics until yesterday afternoon, when I saw one of its trucks rolling through Carrollton. The truck caught my eye because of the company’s distinctive mascot, a monkey with a jetpack. (The truck also triggered a debate with my 5-year-old son, who was equally intrigued but insisted that we were looking at a bear with a jetpack.) I’m still not entirely sure what this company does, but I think I’m going to order myself a T-shirt bearing the catchphrase “Because nothing says service like a monkey with a jetpack.”


  • Anonymous

    Dan – so glad you spotted and like our Jetpack Monkey! WDS Logistics is a locally owned, family business that specializes in the delivery and installation of high valued products – like copiers and medical equipment. The employees affectionately named him Dolby. He does get a lot of attention and he’s on a Mission!



  • Judy Siratt

    Such a cool article for WDS!

  • anonymous

    As a Wds emoyee based out of the san antonio branch, the monkey is cool but wish the quality of ownership and management was as appealing as our logo.