All Clichés Are Bigger in Texas Award Nominee: Wildfire Edition

A Texas-based writer really ought to know better. From the San Antonio Business Journal:

Everything is bigger in Texas — including the risk for damage to homes as a result of wildfires.

The article cites a report stating that more than 54,000 homes in the state are at very high risk of sustaining wildfire damage:

Only two other states out of the 13 bested Texas for the number of properties at very high risk for wildfire damage — Colorado, with a total of 83,174 properties at risk; and California, with 72,796 properties.

So really the danger isn’t bigger in Texas, but the reporter used the old standby in her lede anyway.


A rambling, occasional, rootin’, tootin’, calf-ropin’ series about writers who use Texas and Dallas clichés in their pieces.


  • Blinky

    Thank you for being the only media org in town to cover this important topic.