Why Was Craig James Dropped So Quickly by Fox Sports Southwest?

Fox Sports Southwest announced a couple weeks back that former ESPN analyst and failed U.S. Senate candidate Craig James was joining its college football coverage this season. James appeared on the network on Saturday night. But it was just as quickly announced that would be James’ last appearance. According to SI.com, “the hire had not been fully vetted at the highest levels of Fox Sports management.”

What was it that gave Fox pause?

Is it because James said during his political campaign last year that gay people “will have to answer to the Lord for their actions“?

Is it because of his reportedly insatiable hunger for panda steak?

Or because of the persistent rumors (however unfounded, untrue, and warrantless) that Craig James killed five hookers at SMU?


  • Brandon Burns


  • Billyboy

    See if there are any Tech folks in Fox’ management ranks.

  • jfpo

    With views like that, they should have just transferred him to the “news” division.

  • tested

    At some point James will read up on libel laws and realize the continued telling of the hooker story by this bog and others is false and defamatory and done with malice. I would suggest you lay off that stupid joke before he gets to that point. Besides, there are a great many other truthful things you can say about him to poke fun at him. He has a deep reservoir of idiotic comments to choose from.

  • PR1

    The Texas Tech fan base mounted an intense email and letter writing campaign to the Fox Sports brass. Pretty sure that had a lot to do with their decision to get rid of this bozo.

    Funny — four years after James made up the story against Mike Leach and had him fired, Mike is currently employed as a NCAA football coach while James is unemployed.