Pauken Slashes Abbott in TexMo Interview

The great Brian Sweany of Texas Monthly (still, after all these years, it hurts to say that) offers GOP gubernatorial candidate and Dallas native Tom Pauken the chance to lay out his case, which opportunity Pauken seizes with both hands. On the American Airlines merger, crony capitalism, education — this would make a helluva debate. My impression: Abbott is weaker than he looks, which is why he scurry in every which direction to avoid sharing a stage or a camera. That’s understandable now, but as the primary draws closer Abbott is going to find himself boxed in. The idea of winning by getting everyone to think that you’re winning, well, maybe David Dewhurst could tell him how that turns out.


  • Dubious Brother

    I am one voter that is tired of having my candidates chosen for me well ahead of the elelction by the press. Tom Pauken is a true conservative that will tell you before the election what he believes in and will not waiver after the election. He knows what it is like to be a parent, a business owner, manage people and money. The voters should insist on Abbott and Pauken debating well ahead of the election – they can do it anywhere and broadcast state wide.

  • BHargrove

    I’d watch the hell out of that debate.