Texas National Guard Won’t Process Benefits For Married Same-Sex Couples

Today’s the first day that same-sex couples can apply for benefits from the military. But the head of the Texas National Guard says that because the Texas Constitution defines marriage as between one man and one woman only, his agency can’t process applications. He’s directed same-sex couples to go to federally run bases to file.

Pentagon officials said Texas appeared to be the only state that planned to turn gay and lesbian couples away on Tuesday, the first working day that gays in the military may apply for benefits. The Department of Defensehad announced it would recognize same-sex marriages performed in states where they are legal following the U.S. Supreme Court decision throwing out the Defense of Marriage Act. …

National guard officials in Florida, Michigan and Oklahoma — all states that ban gay marriage — said they will follow federal law.

The Texas National Guard won’t actually deny these families benefits, though. The agency is just forcing them to jump through an extra hoop.


  • Jack Jett

    Sad….We are so much cooler than this. But at some point the RATIONAL PEOPLE of Texas are going to be getting sick and tired of letting these right wing baggers continually embarrass our state by making it look like the last living jack azz on the planet earth. Yes make the jump through a EXTRA HOOP and LAUGH AT IT because they haven’t been through enough.
    They were born gay people and simply want to fight for their country. Can yo believe it? How man people do you know that would be willing to fight for a group of people who despise them hate them, make fun of them, and would refuse to stand up for them to even get them or their family rights due them. How about that guy that D Magazine worships that owns and operates the first baptist church? would he put up with that? you find people like this in the book of job.