State Approves New North Texas Reservoir

Lake Lavon, 2006.  Photo by Elizabeth Lavin
Lake Lavon, 2006. Photo by Elizabeth Lavin

Lake Ralph Hall, an 11,000-acre reservoir to be built in Fannin County to supply the Upper Trinity Regional Water District, was first proposed in 2003. Today it was approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Says the Texas Tribune, this was done over the objections of the district’s two biggest customers: the town of Flower Mound and the city of Corinth.

Those municipalities are afraid the costs of constructing the new lake could be as much as half a billion dollars (the district’s own estimates put it at less than $300 million) and will drive up the cost of their water. Construction is expected to begin in 2018 and finish by 2023, though they still need approval from the Army Corps of Engineers too.

Question: Will we still have enough rain to fill up another reservoir in 2023?


  • Joanna_Smith4

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  • Eric

    Wouldn’t a huge gas pocket be more appropriate for the name Ralph Hall? Or a line of furniture?
    Now if you could guarantee the surface of Ralph Hall Reservoir would be always be dried and cracked, then fine.