Should We Call Our Lawyers About the Dallas Arboretum’s New Logo?

One of these things is kinda-sorta like the other.
One of these things is kinda-sorta like the other.

I don’t know when the Dallas Arboretum officially adopted its new logo, which you can see above (at left) depicted via an arrangement of pumpkins. That image was posted to the Arboretum’s Facebook page today.

At right, you can see the D Magazine Empire’s familiar logo.

I report, you decide.


  • Jason Heid

    In fairness, it looks different atop their website:

    • Jackson

      Actually, looking at it on their website, I think the arboretum’s D logo looks darn near the same as the magazine’s D logo, except for the added vine curlicue. The question then becomes whether the added vine curlicue distinguishes it enough from the original. I think not, although I could teach it either way.

      Some may say a D is a D is a D, but that’s not so. Consider the D used as the City of Dallas logo. It and the magazine’s D logo are rather notably different. I think the arboretum should crib that logo instead. One is civic, the other commercial.

  • JtB

    Although it is a serif typeface, it is not the same font. If your logo is one of 26 possible letters, and chosen because it’s the 1st letter of a large American city, it seems reasonable that others may choose a pretty that simple concept in the same city. You can’t monopolize the concept of using a letter ‘D’ when you’re in Dallas. If they chose the same colors and typeface then you might have an argument though.

  • Peter Kurilecz

    I know what is causing the confusion. it’s the white background on the arboretum logo. but a good attorney could figure out how many melons fit in the D mag logo, then if the same number are in the arboretum logo, well then you can nail them for infringement

  • thufir_hawat

    With the hook, it more closely resembles Disney.

  • Lego Head

    Of course you should call your lawyer. Between the boat and the alimony payments, there is always a need for some easy billable hours.

  • marisa

    Similar but different. Look for another way to line your pockets.

  • Bobtex

    Good luck on claiming ownership of the letter D in a town called Big D. Also, A, B, and C. While you are paying your lawyers, have them research something called “Public Domain.” Perhaps if you paid more attention to the quality of your editorial product, and less to the exclusivity of your brand, you might increase the value of your brand without suing other people on flimsy pretexts.

  • testec

    No. They are different by quite a bit and you will just waste everyone’s time.

  • Bethany House

    I don’t much care for their new logo. Your logo isn’t made unique by the single letter. A quick google search pulls up a few other serif type “D” logos. The logo is unique because of how the D is presented with the bold white on red, which just happens to be a bit better than the new Arboretum logo. Honestly, if I ever just saw a bright red square, I would think of D Magazine.

  • Neal K

    Between the paid placements from the 349 BEST ONCOLOGISTS IN DALLAS (or whatever) and your new self-branded shop at Love Field (which, per Tim, precludes you from ever again reporting on Eddie Bernice Johnson’s sweetheart deal with Hudson News), don’t you people have enough?

  • JustUseMyriad

    You should call your designers about a new logo.

  • Frank Leon

    If u put close attention they are completely different. To be honest you both are a meaning of Dallas but care to much about money thinking of how much you cam win on a lawsuit! Really stupid I thought you at trying to make Dallas even better hahahahahahaah