Prediction: With New Military Vehicle, Disaster Coming Soon to Dallas County Sheriff’s Dept

MRAP_Cat_1_navistar (1)The U.S. military has spent wasted billions on equipment it has never used and does not need. For example, this prime $600,000 MRAPS (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle, which the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department — with permission from the Commissioners Court — took possession of last week.

The department says it will be helpful in serving warrants. Sure, it would be. The 101st Airborne Division would be helpful in serving warrants, but that doesn’t mean it would be a good idea to involve them.

Eric Nicholson broke the story on Friday. As he noted, the only reason for a sheriff’s department to own a monster like this is “because there’s no telling when North Texas might descend into sectarian warfare and start planting IEDs along Riverfront Boulevard.”

Believe me, now that they own it, they’ll try to find some reason to use it. And that’s when the disaster will happen. The militarization of local police forces in the U.S. is a sure sign of the Apocalypse.


  • Peter Kurilecz

    and when will they paint it black?

  • Peter Kurilecz

    really nothing new here, when the goverment surplused the M113 armored personnel carrier local law enforcement agencies around the country couldn’t wait to get their hands on them….0…1ac.1.27.img..1.10.630.UyfFW4oq-88

  • Jay Martin

    Finally a journalist that reports the truth.. “The militarization of local police”. right on the button! These military tactics on regular citizens is appalling, third world nonsense. Shoot, move, communicate – they’re taking all of this away from us, the enemy, while strengthening their own abilities.

  • JtB

    Oh man. Uber doesn’t stand a chance in this town now!

  • Anonymous

    The thing about MRAPS is that they are designed to protect the CREW, not the vehicle. It does this by essentially becoming disabled any time it is hit, with the vehicle taking the damage instead of the crew. That’s great when you have a whole fleet of MRAPS to replace the hit one, which is much easier than replacing hit crew.

    So, if they DID have a use for one, it won’t be very useful, because they will immediately need another.

  • critic

    This is the type of vehicle that will be needed by the Dallas Sheriff’s Department to remove John Wiley Price from the commissioners court to his jail cell

  • AmyS

    I want one.

  • Harvey Lacey

    Wick, silly you. We have a WAR on terror and a drug WAR to fight. You can’t have a WAR without weapons, unless of course you consider the WAR on poverty.

  • LJT

    I want to see Lupe Valdez draped across the hood of that bad boy in the Oak Cliff Mardi Gras Parade next year.