Leading Off (9/27/13)

Big Tex came back with a tan.    Photo via Newscom
Big Tex came back with a tan. Photo via Newscom

The Rebirth of Big Tex. Because of windy conditions yesterday, State Fair organizers couldn’t keep in place the curtains that were meant to hide Big Tex 2.0 from public view before his scheduled unveiling this afternoon, during the first day of the fair. So we all got a look at him yesterday. Now the Morning News has the first of a three(!)-part series detailing the resurrection of our state’s counterpart to Li’l Sebastian. New Big Tex is taller and intended to be more lifelike. You can buy yourself a real pair of the god-awful-ugly boots he’s sporting for a mere $10,000.

Or is He Now Big Tex-Mex? WFAA notes that “some people” on social media have commented about the somewhat darker, perhaps Hispanic complexion of this new version’s face, and some of those some people have bestowed upon him the same name as our region’s best-known cuisine. The news station called lawyer and community activist Domingo Garcia, presumably in hopes of piping some outrage into the story, but even he didn’t think it was a big deal.

Cop Delivers Unexpected Baby. When I write that the child was “unexpected,” I don’t just mean that the Carrollton police officer didn’t know he’d end up aiding a birth when he responded to a 911 call on Wednesday. I mean that the woman who had a tiny human being coming out of her body hadn’t even known that was she pregnant.

Rangers Win, Keep Pace in Wild Card Race. Jurickson Profar hit a walkoff homer to beat the Angels last night. Unfortunately, Tampa Bay and Cleveland — the two teams that Texas trails for the two remaining American League playoff slots — also won. That leaves only three games in the season in which to make up a one-game deficit. It can be done, but their odds of reaching the postseason have now fallen to just 19 percent.


  • BrentDude

    If Zac would start watching they’d squeeze into the wildcard.

  • Fake Scott Baio

    Nice job of race-baiting last night, Channel 8.

    • Jackson

      Regarding Tex 2.0, I didn’t see the WFAA report, so I don’t know if it was played as race-baiting, but I can see the new face as ambiguously Hispanic if I think about it long enough. It isn’t so much the complexion per se as the overall countenance. Think of a fifth generation Texas rancher of Hispanic background in his 40s or 50s. Some do indeed look like the big guy (except for the bug eyes, which are obviously exaggerated since he’s normally viewed from a great distance). An Anglo Texas rancher, tanned and weathered, looks the same. If one wants to see Hispanic in the face, so be it. If not, fine. Seems like the perfect result.

  • Jeff Fielder

    New Big Tex appears to have considerably more chin fat. Maybe he indulges in fried fair food a little too often.

  • Sylvia