Leading Off (9/20/13)

Dallas School Trustees Discuss Mike Miles’ Future For 4 Hours. Since they reached no decision about what disciplinary action to take against the superintendent, we can’t know for sure that the Dallas ISD board spent the entirety of its closed session last night on the findings of its investigation into Miles. Maybe they were discussing Breaking Bad, and talks stalled over which of them were on Team Walt or Team Jesse. Which is a stupid fight to get into because it’s obvious the show’s narrative is plowing toward a moment of semi-redemption for the now-fallen Heisenberg, and that Todd the neo-Nazi psychopath is the enemy we should truly fear. “I have to admit that in moments of weakness I get frustrated and the negativity takes its toll,” Miles said, echoing the feelings of many BB fans after last weekend’s emotionally trying installment of the AMC series.

Rangers Score Runs in Yu Darvish Start. After suffering two straight 1-0 losses, Darvish surrendered two runs to the Tampa Bay Rays last night but came away with a win. That’s because this time he remembered to will his team to score eight runs on offense. I’m joking, of course. No pitcher can, by the sheer force of his charisma, cause his teammates to rack up hits. Except perhaps if Walter White of Breaking Bad took the mound. That cat always finds his way through seemingly intractable situations. Rangers manager Ron Washington knows Sunday’s episode was a prime example: “Sometimes you have to figure out ways to get things done when you’re not at your very best or even at your minimal, and he did that,” Wash said.

North Texas Giving Day Smashes Record. The fifth-annual philanthropic event raised more than $20 million yesterday, impressively outdistancing last year’s total of $14.4 million. Though that’s not quite as impressive an achievement if you consider that amount’s only enough to fill two of Walter White’s barrels of money on Breaking Bad.

Liquid Water Falls From the Sky. It’s called rain, and it’s marvelous. Plus, there are only a couple more days until the next Breaking Bad, so life is pretty, pretty good.