Leading Off (9/16/13)

Girl Safe Following Sunday Night Carjacking. Isn’t the cardinal rule of carjacking to check the backseat? It should be. Around 8 p.m. at a gas station near 2nd and Dixon, some guy (20s, Latin) held a woman at gunpoint before taking her car and her 14-year-old daughter asleep inside. The girl and car were found separately a couple hours later. No word on the suspect.

Happy Birthday, El Fenix. Get Your Sopapilla. Free Mexican pastry! The Tex-Mex giant is ringing in 95 years today. Mayor Mike Rawlings will be on hand to celebrate the Martinez family and present a proclamation. I assume it’s El Fenix Day, but you’ll have to ring Rawlings for those details. What we do know: those complimentary fried treats will be offered at all 22 locations. Enjoy.

Former “Person of Interest” in South Dallas Rape Investigation Free, Doing Interviews. After nine days in jail on a DWI probation, Alan Mason finally went home. Grandma was at the ready, cooking up a favorite meal and tuning the TV to football. Not a bad welcome home party, though I doubt this is the last we’ll hear of this whole fiasco. Mason will certainly continue trying to save his name (and his Google search results). His grandmother even took to the cause, asking for an apology from Police Chief David Brown, who has defended the public naming of Mason. That apology remains at large.

The Texas Giant Re-opens, People Flock. Goodness. Fall off the horse, get back on it, right? More power to you, folks. Have fun. Be safe. I’ll watch from afar.


  • Follower

    I think Wilonsky and Bush’s reporting in the DMN on Ubergate deserves to be in Leading Off.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not typically overly sensitive but . . . “fall off the horse, get back on it” might not be the best phrase to use in relation to a roller coaster ride that led to a woman’s death.

  • reader

    So this blog, representing a news organization, is recommending that readers call the mayor themselves to get a relevant bit of news. Rather than the so-called journalists at the news organization calling the mayor to report that news to readers.

  • Follower

    He should have hashtaged it with #POW! or #ZING! Nice job of reporting by Robert and Rudy.

    Rawlings’ behavior during Ubergate is straight out of the Tom Leppert playbook. Quiet dissent among squeaky wheel Councilmen? Check. Fox in the hen house investigation. Check. He acts like he isn’t running for another term. Oh, wait…

  • Wylie H Dallas

    Chief Brown doesn’t “do” self-reflection or apologies.

  • Neal K

    So how long until we see Eric’s “seriously guys, this isn’t that big of a deal” post on the latest Uber revelations?


  • Eric Celeste

    Sigh. Never said that. Said uber is a cab company. You’re a fanboy stooge if you think otherwise. Cab influence story at city hall is a good story, albeit one the uber lawyers have been peddling for weeks, correct Tim?

  • Neal K

    “Peddling”. A loaded and revealing word choice. If I gave enough of a crap, I would go back to your comment in the post I linked above where you listed all your past consulting relationships and engage in some unfounded speculation, but it’s afternoon snack and run time.

    Anyway, the first time I heard about this whole Uber controversy was when I saw Tim’s tweet on August 25:

    “Remember when Yellow Cab bribed Al Lipscomb? MT @dallasnews: Dallas to rewrite regulations to help cabbies, hurt Uber d-news.co/ofjCq”