Joyner and Crew Yuck It Up Over Flood Victims

For some reason, it looks like Tom Joyner’s passionate concern for flood victims doesn’t extend to Colorado. A few years ago, you might recall, the Dallas-based radio host became known famously as “The Voice of Katrina” following the New Orleans flood, which took about 1,800 lives. So far “only” six are known dead in the Colorado flooding, but at least 1,500 homes have been lost there, and more than 700 people were still unaccounted for over the weekend. Yet on his nationally syndicated show this morning, Joyner and crew were busting a gut over the crack that, since weed laws were recently liberalized in Colorado, maybe those unaccounted-for people aren’t really lost—they probably just forgot where they were! I may be wrong, but it’s hard to believe he spent much time yucking it up over those missing in Louisiana.


  • Jack Jett

    He is about the best at rationalizing bigotry…second only to T.D. Jakes.

    • Joan Jett

      You’re exactly right. Who is the white version of that chocolate lollipop Al Sharpton? We need him on the case.