In London, a Building’s Reflected Light Cooks a Car

In the past several hours, no fewer than a dozen people have sent me links to a story out of London about a reflective glass building that has melted a Jaguar. This gives me an idea:

“The developer has moved very quickly to meet and discuss with anyone affected,” the City of London Corporation said in a statement on its website. “They have compensated a car owner, spoken to local businesses and explored temporary solutions, perhaps including partial screening.”

So that’s it! Who cares about a museum and art, right? Cars! Dallasites love their cars. All we need is for someone to park a nice car in the path of Museum Tower’s reflected radiation. Then we’ll get some movement on this issue. If we only knew someone who drives a Jag.


  • Bushwood Smithie

    It’s sad how many people don’t understand the different in reflections between a concave surface (London) and a convex surface (MT).

  • Barry Schwartz

    Nicely put, Bushman!

    I’d like to point out that nobody seems to understand that this whole reflection thing is part of Museum Tower’s LEED properties. It’s energy efficient to not only provide lighting for those inside the building, but also for those outside the building. And I challenge anyone in Dallas to find a building that provides as much external lighting as Museum Tower?

  • Possibly Mike Snyder

    I agree with what I just said in the last two comments.

  • Jim Schutze

    It’s not easy to get your money back out of a Jaguar. I bet by tomorrow there will 100 of them parked around that building.

  • JSSS

    I am sure that I sent it to you first. Thus, I demand proper credit and attribution. Please review the time stamps on the emails for proof of my superiority and greatness. Sincerely, Richie Witt.

  • RAB

    Is it possible that Jags have a lower melting point than other cars?

    Given my druthers, though, I would rather melt those giant lumbering Yukons, Suburbans, and other mega SUVs that Dallas women drive while talking on their cell phones.

  • Bill Marvel

    All architects should review the Greek myth of Narcissus before they design anything that involves mirror glass.

  • Bizarro Big Tex

    And we made the list of the four most egregious reflective structures in a Gizmodo (Buildings that want to melt you and your cars way more than you think) article today. Finally, Dallas is a world class city. Our moment in the sun.

  • FredricksMike

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  • FredricksMike

    hanks for this value able post. I have read all the things very carefully its really a helpful and effective post.