Go Meet Richard Patterson Tonight at the Nasher

If you’re paying attention, you probably know the name Richard Patterson. He’s a Dallas-based British painter of some renown. Periodically his words wind up in our pages and on our sites. Here’s something he wrote about seeing a priest in Fort Worth climb into a Jaguar. Here’s something he wrote about Jim Schutze’s “culture mob,” as it relates to Museum Tower and the Nasher. Here’s something he wrote in defense of the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. Anyway, he’s a funny, smart, talented guy. Tonight you can see for yourself. He’s got a gig at the Nasher with Mark Thomson, who designed a monograph of Richard’s work. There will be free wine. Just so you know. Here’s how the Nasher describes the evening’s program, which gets going at 7:

“The Art of Books and Books on Art”

Join us for the book launch and signing of Dallas-based British artist Richard Patterson’s newly released first monograph published by London’s Ridinghouse, designed by Mark Thomson.

Together in conversation, Patterson and Thomson will discuss the process of compiling a monograph. In the age of e-books and social media, what is the purpose of a printed and bound ‘art book’ these days? Is it an arcane and increasingly outmoded format, or is it still the best way to convey the sense of process, history and aura of the art works that they gather together and reproduce?

Patterson and Thomson hope to illuminate the rewarding process of creating a monograph, using Patterson’s recent book as a working example, as well as discussing the role of the monograph in general.


  • D. Shapiro

    How much free wine? I plan on using Moonbird as a hammock.

  • Glenn Hunter

    Funny, I took part in a very spirited discussion down at the Dew Drop Inn about the role of the monograph in modern society just last night.