Former Dallas Cowboys Player Deion Sanders is 86% Disabled, Suffers ‘Arousal Disorder’

The Los Angeles Times reports that was the determination of the California Division of Workers’ Compensation after Sanders filed a claim due to injuries he’d suffered during his NFL career:

The case is pending, but in November 2010, Sanders was determined to be 86% disabled by the Division of Workers’ Compensation, case documents show. Four doctors who examined the former star diagnosed more than a dozen medical conditions, including cognitive impairment and behavioral/emotional disorder. The review also said Sanders suffered from arthritis and “arousal disorder,” a sleep impairment.

The Times discovered this information as part of an analysis of the state’s workers’ compensation data. Sanders is hardly alone among former players in claiming he suffered long-term physical damage from playing football. (You’re no doubt aware of the NFL’s recent $765 million settlement with former players over concussions.) The newspaper made him the face of today’s story because he looks like a hypocrite due to his past criticism of players who have demanded recompense from the league.

During the pregame show before February’s Super Bowl in New Orleans, Deion Sanders shared his thoughts about the thousands of former football players filing concussion lawsuits against the National Football League.

“The game is a safe game,” the television analyst and Hall of Fame cornerback said. “I don’t buy all these guys coming back with these concussions. I’m not buying all that. Half these guys are trying to make money off the deal.”

Sanders and his lawyers had no comment on the article.


  • Tim Rogers

    They really ought to rename “arousal disorder.” It should be called “sleepy penis.”


    I guess his mantra is a shriveled up ole prune……..

  • Edward

    The whole disability claim system is definitely screwed up in CA. It’s been in the news for almost a year now, professional sports players who may have played only one game in CA yet are filing disability claims for injuries.

  • critic

    At 98% disabled I assume I will not have to listen to the roughbrainchatter coming from his lips anymore.

  • Borborygmus


  • Brian Clune

    On a side note considering the rise of those on social security disability, one thing that really surprised me is how the life insurance industry really discriminates against those receiving disability, even if the cause isn’t life threatening. In particular I worked for one major life insurance employer for over two years before I even knew that some individuals who are currently receiving SSI could actually qualify for traditional coverage.