Drone Attack at the State Fair of Texas

Don’t worry. It wasn’t armed. It was just carrying a camera.

Brian Aiken, the fellow who shot that “Dallas From Above” video that we shared awhile back, sends along this new effort. He unleashed his quadcopter onto Fair Park to celebrate the unveiling of the new Big Tex. Once again, to film, he seems to have transported himself to a future, post-apocalyptic version of Dallas in which the vast majority of people have been erased from existence.

He asked that I also credit Reidland Tucker.


  • ozonedude

    That thing was annoying as hell during the Blondie concert. Half the small crowd was watch it rather than the show. Someone needs boundaries, and that someone owns a drone.

  • Senor

    That says way more about the show than the drone.

  • XTeacher

    This video almost makes me like Big Tex. Almost but not quite.