Downtown Dallas Inc. Will Love This

At about 5:20 yesterday afternoon, I boarded a DART train downtown and sat behind an out-of-towner who said the following to her travel companion: “Have you noticed how clean this city is? It’s so beautiful. Everything is so picked up. … And there’s no homeless people accosting you. It’s nice. … Look at this. There’s no trash. Do they have people sweep up every night? … And the people are all so friendly. It’s cool.” She was so effusive with her praise for our fair city, the man she was with could hardly get a word in.


  • vseslav botkin

    Where’s she from? Calcutta?

    • GlennTheHunter

      Shocked and disappointed by your insensitivity to Calcuttans, vseslav.

  • Fake Scott Baio

    This is what happens when a city over-invests in a single neighborhood to the detriment of the city’s infrastructure and other tax-generating neighborhoods. Hooray for commercial real estate!

  • Meredith Mahan

    This is how I felt (and still feel) after moving to Dallas from Detroit last year.