Burn, Big Tex, Burn

Big Tex burn

Artist Brian Keith Jones on Friday is opening an exhibition on Friday at downtown’s Ro2 Art gallery that features “animations made from paintings of the Legendary Big Tex, with a twist. The artist will present a film, at 24 frames per second, made from fifty individual paintings, which will also be on display. The exhibition, part homage, part freak-show, will offer many unexpected visual and sensory delights.” (See image above.)

Seems like proof of concept of Zac’s notion that we should burn Big Tex every year.

(H/T Dallas Art News)


  • Jerome Weeks

    You missed something. That’s Brian’s self-portrait.

  • ozonedude

    Over/Under on the new Big Tex having saggy britches? Oh come on. Dwaine needs a new crusade.