Big Fail at DFW Airport Over the Weekend

Expect major delays at DFW. They installed a new entry and exit system last week. Their website is all happy about it:

We know that when you travel, you want the fastest, most efficient process possible. With the new plazas, this is exactly what you can expect. The entry lanes are now fully automated… go ahead and sail on through after using your TollTag to enter or pressing the button to get an entry ticket.

One problem. It doesn’t work. The system does not recognize Tolltags — even in the Tolltag only lanes. The airport had employees out on every lane Saturday trying to help bewildered motorists, but the employees themselves didn’t seem to know how to make it work. If there are long lines on a Saturday, it’s gonna be a very fun Monday.

Good rule for airports installing new entry and exit systems: test, test, TEST — and then TEST again.


  • Ddd

    It has been that way for weeks.

  • mdunlap

    the word you’re looking for is “failure”

  • Brandon South

    shut up

  • Jackson

    It’s an early glitch, Wick, soon to be forgotten. It won’t turn into the historic nightmare of going to the DMV (he said hopefully).

  • Brad Brazeal

    test, test, TEST, and then ROLLBACK!!

  • ian

    Old lanes worked so I assume it is a network issue.

  • Eric

    Picked someone up Thursday, dropped them off again Friday morning. Was emailed a bill for $18. Called the tolltag office and was told to call DFW. ‘Cept, the DFW line is open 9-4 M-F and I was cautioned they have long delays. Sort of like the delays on the new readers which take several more seconds to read than the old system. During those seconds, one wonders IF the tag is going to be read.

    Worse than all that is the narrowness of the new lanes – who designed those? The concrete walls are well coated with tire rubber and paint.


  • JSSS

    Not to mention that you have to go through two separate gates in order to get through, even if everything works perfectly. I’d like to meet the idiot that designed the system to personally congratulate him/her on concocting the stupidest effing system known to man.

  • Mmrm

    We were at dfw 2 weekends ago. The tolltag system was a disaster and were still trying to get it worked out. Dfw told us the toll tag office could fix the billing issue yet the tolltag office sent us back to dfw to resolve. On top of that, the ramp from Lbj into the airport was closed with one tiny little detour sign and no further detour signs. Luckily I’ve been to dfw enough to find my way thru grapevine and back to the airport but anyone from out of town would be screwed! The detour signs during this construction have been a joke. It’s hard to believe am airport this size is run this way.

  • Ryan

    Worked fine this morning using a tolltag at the north gate….

  • Chris

    Still didn’t work correctly this afternoon and tonight. Ultimate fail.

  • Tish

    If you entered through the Ticket Only gate and exit DFW hoping to pay for parking with your Corporate Amex…you are screwed if you have a tolltag. They do not have the ability to accommodate payment via cash/plastic. It will auto default to your tolltag

  • Missy

    Remember its not the employees who did this. You guys should give them a break and understand who is trying ti help disagrees with what the airport did. Yet its there job to help you who badmouth them. Try putting blame on the folks who cheated the system. Btw im not an employee at all.

  • JJJ

    Skidata is the new system they went with….It is designed as a revenue management system for parking lots. This was not the best possible situation for a toll lane scenario.


    This new system sux. I fly twice a week, minimum. It took me 30 minutes on a Thursday night to exit. Cars were 30 deep in every lane, but not all lanes were open so cars and buses had to merge on all sides to get to the open lanes. Tag readers are like giving birth, slow and extremely painful. The old system was 100 times better. The new one is FUBAR !!!!