Big Fail at DFW Airport… Ctd

A FrontBurnervian’s experience confirms that DFW Airport management has a created big mess and is not even close to fixing it:

So last week I picked up a guy at the airport Thursday evening and took him back early Friday morning and the “new and improved” airport gate system billed me $18.

NTTA told me on the phone I had to contact DFW for resolution and gave me a number. I left a message on the number provided and also emailed a detailed explanation to the email address provided by the on-hold recording.

No response.

Obviously I’ve already spent more than $18 in time dealing with this. So it’s not the $18. It’s the fact that two bureaucracies, both of which hold a monopoly and price accordingly have me by the you know what. It
chaps my hide.

Warning to all our dear friends out there in Dallas-land. Do NOT use your Tolltag at DFW Airport. Spend the extra three seconds taking the little ticket from the machine. It will save you time, money, and trouble. We’ll be checking in with DFW Airport. I’m curious to find out how much they spent on the new gating system and who their contractor is.


  • Nancy Nichols

    Weird. I’ve used it twice and thought it was a great addition to the airport.

  • Brandon

    Can you please share that email address?

  • Eric

    [email protected]

    And Nancy, didn’t you find the new lanes a teensy weensy bit narrow? Did you notice all the rubber and paint on those concrete guides? Maybe you’re driving a Prius which is like, 3 feet wide?

  • Wylie H Dallas

    I checked my account yesterday after the news reports appeared, and found I was charged $90 last week for a quick in and out trip to DFW. Can’t get through to DFW Airport, so I disputed the charge with my credit card company.

  • Avidgolfer

    Sounds like a class action suit waiting to happen….

  • Mmrm

    If you have a toll tag, you can’t NOT use it. It automatically reads it and won’t give you a ticket. The only way to avoid the mess is to park off site ( park n fly. Parking spot etc). I’m still trying to get my refund. Avoid parking at the airport at all costs.

  • David Burrows

    NTTA still can’t quite figure out which tolltag goes with which of my cars as I’m still getting the unpaid notices right after they draft $40 from my bank account.

  • NT Driver

    You want another real story, investigate why we even are issued physical toll tags… eveything is based upon license plate registration with NTTA account.
    Your Toll Tag in another vehicle = Vehicle’s registered owner charged, Toll Tag not charged

    No Toll Tag in vehicle but License Plate registered with NTTA acount = License Plate Car Charged

    Toll Tag in your car but not currently registered with NTTA (i.e. your own car that Tag normally resides in but you temporarily registered it with another car and forgot to tell NTTA you put the TollTag back in your car in NTTA database) = Car on File is charged, Not Car with Tag in it…

  • Eric

    Well well. Just opened the DMN over lunch and there in the Metro section is a piece on this very topic. DFW admits that they have a problem.

    Still no reply/acknowledgement to my email to them.Monday or voicemail to them Wednesday.