About Ross Perot Jr. and John Wiley Price

Jason mentioned yesterday the Forbes story about the Perots. (Great cover image, by the way. The look on Sr.’s face is charming. And the larger son next to the smaller father says volumes.) What you really don’t want to miss, though, is the sidebar to the Perot story, titled “The Mystery of Ross Perot’s Vanquished Dallas Competitor.” Remember Richard Allen and his Dallas Logistics Hub? Remember how John Wiley Price and his buddies wanted equity in the project in exchange for — well, it wasn’t clear what Allen was going to get in exchange for giving Price that equity. Yeah, well, Forbes dredges it all back up in that sidebar. Here’s what the story says about the failure of the Dallas Logistics Hub, which would have competed with the Perots’ AllianceTexas:

Numerous people pointed fingers at Perot Jr., perceiving that his Hillwood Development had a role in the political foot-dragging. They have some evidence to back up the theory. According to an FBI investigation, powerful, corrupt Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price — who represented depressed south Dallas and should have been unconditionally in favor of the Hub project — was allegedly a key reason the project stalled. The FBI seized over $200,000 in cash they found searching Price’s home. An FBI affidavit states that much of that cash was funneled to Price by powerful Dallas political consultant Kathy Nealy, who was on retainer with Hillwood.

I could be wrong about this. But is that the first time anyone has ever just come out called John Wiley Price corrupt in print?


  • Edward

    Didn’t Perot’s group just make a big land deal in the area where Allen’s development was originally going to go?

    I sure hope that Allen (who always seemed like a good guy) finds a way to recoup some of what he lost in what was a very suspicious set of circumstances. It’s depressing that a city like Dallas – where “business interests” typically run roughshod over what’s best for its citizens – turned its back on what would have been a hugely beneficial development

  • Dubious Brother

    “I could be wrong about this. But is that the first time anyone has ever just come out called John Wiley Price corrupt in print?” Do blogs and the comments section not count as in print?

  • Borborygmus


    zOMG, on YouTube there consists quite a list
    Of John Wiley Price, Dallas County inveteratist.
    Black holes, and white people you want in hell,
    But once again hardly your political death knell.
    Skeptical your woundikins will result in attack
    When Elba and Clay are busy watching your back.

    Unless of course people stop taking what you say
    As flippant, unhurtful, then comes judgement day.
    “Go to hell”, I can take, it’s been said to me before,
    It’s the statement made with that, which hit a score.
    “What’s wrong with white? Is this how blacks felt?
    A generation ago, forcing change in the bible belt?”

    I get it, “white’s less” in the mind of this fool,
    Considered oppressors, it’s very old school.
    But hardly advancement for the citizens of Dallas
    When government speaks out with racial malice.
    Whether it’s white or it’s black, it hasn’t a place
    On the commissioner’s bench, no matter the race.

    I’m dumfounded about what can be done for this man
    An intervention seems needed, he’s hardly a fan
    Of most of our citizenry, if he’s really a hater.
    And history will not remember him as an equater.
    Instead on video they will view his stupid rants,
    And a photo of a pose in lipstick covered underpants.

    Cue the troll. No I’m not.

    • Tut

      Gun shy, old lady? Get back to your deadlines.

  • JSSS

    C’mon JWP — sue Forbes and put your reputation on trial. Let’s see what Forbes high-powered legal team already has/can dig up on you. Because I am pretty sure their lawyers would be pretty careful before tossing the corrupt word around.

  • DowntownResident

    “is that the first time anyone has ever just come out called John Wiley Price corrupt in print?”

    Jim Schutze does it, just not as succinctly.

  • Roger Dodger

    Maybe this is the first time he’s explicitly been called corrupt, but the Dallas Observer has been implicitly calling him corrupt for years. Same thing with Channel 8. But you knew that, right?

    • Tim Rogers

      Yes. Calling him that and implying it are two different things, though.

  • Jason Heid

    Yes, Forbes describes Perot Jr. as “hedging his bets”:

    “Meanwhile, Allen’s project has emerged from bankruptcy and has begun to lurch forward once again. Perot may fear the competition for public infrastructure dollars, but the competition for customers doesn’t bother him. For the past 18 months Perot Jr. has been buying up land and starting to build warehouses in that south Dallas area, effectively hedging his bets in America’s logistics capital.”

  • Tim Rogers

    Blogs count, sure. Commenters not so much. Because if JWP were inclined to sue, he’s not going after a commenter.

  • Tim Rogers

    Someone on Twitter said the same thing. I can’t find, though, where Schutze has directly said that JWP is corrupt.

  • Dubious Brother

    I could be wrong but in order for Price to sue for being called corrupt he would have to be a witness and testify under oath subject to cross examination as well as discovery. D Magazine should take Forbe’s lead and do a cover of him with the c word spelled out – in white letters over a fake black hole, of course.

  • helentrent

    And yet somehow The Perots get a pass for being part of the corruption.

    • Edward

      Ooohh…. how I would love…LOVE for that Nealy cash to be traced back to Jr.

  • Roger Dodger

    Meh. In this day and age, the steady drumbeat of implication is the new explicit.

  • Aaron

    How dare you, Mr. Rogers.