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About Ross Perot Jr. and John Wiley Price

By Tim Rogers |

Jason mentioned yesterday the Forbes story about the Perots. (Great cover image, by the way. The look on Sr.’s face is charming. And the larger son next to the smaller father says volumes.) What you really don’t want to miss, though, is the sidebar to the Perot story, titled “The Mystery of Ross Perot’s Vanquished Dallas Competitor.” Remember Richard Allen and his Dallas Logistics Hub? Remember how John Wiley Price and his buddies wanted equity in the project in exchange for — well, it wasn’t clear what Allen was going to get in exchange for giving Price that equity. Yeah, well, Forbes dredges it all back up in that sidebar. Here’s what the story says about the failure of the Dallas Logistics Hub, which would have competed with the Perots’ AllianceTexas:

Numerous people pointed fingers at Perot Jr., perceiving that his Hillwood Development had a role in the political foot-dragging. They have some evidence to back up the theory. According to an FBI investigation, powerful, corrupt Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price — who represented depressed south Dallas and should have been unconditionally in favor of the Hub project — was allegedly a key reason the project stalled. The FBI seized over $200,000 in cash they found searching Price’s home. An FBI affidavit states that much of that cash was funneled to Price by powerful Dallas political consultant Kathy Nealy, who was on retainer with Hillwood.

I could be wrong about this. But is that the first time anyone has ever just come out called John Wiley Price corrupt in print?