A Quick Note to Jim Schutze

I post this from a cabin in Oklahoma, using my phone and a spotty cell connection. Forgive me if I’m missing something, Jim. But you wrote this cheeky piece without mentioning that “architect/civic activist” Bill Booziotis was the architect for the interior of Museum Tower. You’re welcome, you laconic, bearded gadfly.


  • Monte Malone

    Ooh snap.

  • Uppercase Matt

    So, logically, that means Booziotis is the one that most wants to avoid the black people, and help others to do the same.

  • RAB

    More Schutze vomiting.

    I did like his reference to you as “editor demeritus.”

  • Jack Jett

    Laconic bearded gadfly? This is what I imagine it was like on the 4th and final Judd’s Farewell Tour.

  • Bill Marvel


  • Tim Rogers

    I’ve appropriated the phrase. It was TexMo’s invention:


  • Tim Rogers

    See my comment to Jack Jett, above, Bill. I agree with you. “Laconic” is not one of the first 20 adjectives I’d pick to describe Schutze. Nor, for that matter, is “bearded.” But it’s out there now, so I’m running with it.

  • Follower

    So you appropriated the phrase for this blog post and Eric’s story on the Citizen’s Council? He didn’t write that?

  • Tim Rogers

    Editors stick words in stories. That’s what we do. Eric saw em before they were printed, though. Does this surprise you?