Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Aug. 5

When legend becomes fact, print the legend. Xoxo, GG.

Don’t ask me why, but I woke up feeling like it’s going to be a first-season-of-Gossip-Girl kind of week. Don’t ask me what that means, really. But here’s hoping a diabolical ex-friend doesn’t show up to ruin my good time.

On Saturday friends and I had a little going away shindig for someone who is leaving us for greener pastures. One of his parting gifts was a little something featuring John Wayne’s handsome mug, because you can’t depart this fair state without something to remind you of the Wild West. And you can catch a John Wayne flick this evening, the penultimate film in the Highland Park Film Festival series. The screening of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is free. I’ve been craving a good, hefty sandwich, so for dinner I might do East Hampton Sandwich Co. I love that one with goat cheese and avocado.

Also this evening, a chance to depart from classics and support new and local filmmaking. Dark Eye Films is a Dallas-based production company, and they’re premiering Exhumation, an uplifting new film at the Texas Theatre. I’m kidding about the uplifting part, though perhaps there’s a twist somewhere in this “sci-fi thriller that explores unexpected occurrences, Murphy’s Law, and a search for the truth.” Prior to the screening, there’s cocktails and live music. Afterward, stick around for a Q&A with the cast and filmmakers.

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