The 10 Most Powerful Dallasites: Worst List Ever

I’m sure Victor Medina is a nice fellow. But when it comes to making lists of the most powerful people in Dallas, he leaves room for improvement. He publishes this list every year for Yahoo! News. Here’s the 2013 edition. Larry Hagman’s appearance at the No. 10 spot probably should disqualify the list from even half-serious analysis, but I can’t help myself. Ross Perot? If you’re going to include a Perot, Junior is the obvious choice. Mike Miles? Please. Powerful men don’t shuttle their wives and children off to the hinterlands to avoid media scrutiny. Jason Villalba? Dude’s just a freshman rep.

Ray Hunt, John Wiley Price (still), Tim Headington. Those are three overlooked names that spring to mind. I’m sure you FrontBurnervians have some of your own to add.


  • JtB

    1. Big Tex
    2. Traveling Man
    3. Ken the Muffler Man
    4. Byron Nelson
    5. Those Hammering Guys At North Park
    6. Tom Landry
    7. I – 35 Giraffe
    8. Robocop (without a doubt, more powerful than JR)
    9. “One Riot, One Ranger”
    10. Tower Laser

    • Tim Rogers

      I like where your head is at.

      1. Kumar Valavhadas Pallana
      2. The Las Colinas mustangs

    • Avid Reader

      Pffft. How do you not have Those Hammering Guys at North Park in the #1 slot?

    • Dubious Brother

      Those Hammering Guys at North Park would move up the list if they had to hammer with a strong reflective sun beating down on them.

    • mwm

      1. Orange Barrell

  • BradfordPearson

    Brandon Eley and Barry Schwarz

  • t b

    Chart Westcott?

  • Chris Chris

    11. Chris Chris

  • Borborygmus

    What? No women? Nancy Nichols. Obviously.

    • MKM

      Is Nancy the most powerful because of her ability to troll her real and perceived enemies ala Mike Snyder?

  • jff

    Jason Villalba makes the list for giving guns to teachers?

    Also, George W. Bush was not the 41st President of the United States.

  • Marcus

    Damn, that was solid DB.

  • Borborygmus

    Can somebody please define a troll? I imagine someone slightly more scarier than Zac, with a spiked club. Or people who bring up bs and talk smak anonymously?

    I admit it, I’m a troll. But MKM, so are you. Please don’t feed the poet.

  • Nancy Nichols

    I am completely and deeply offended.

  • MKM

    There once was a writer named Nancy
    She smacked talked in her blog so fancy
    She’s mean to food writers
    Which will come back to bite her
    In a sudden and shocking career twist
    You see, now she is old
    And Wick talks of the mold
    So, along comes a new D editor
    But Wick is one step ahead of her
    “It’s time to get younger in SideDish.”