Tempers Flare, Obscenities Hurled at Anti-Obamacare Rally

Contrary to the views of the political and media elites—see anchorman Will McAvoy’s telling diatribe on The Newsroom—I’ve always thought tea partiers were pretty much common-sense folks tired of seeing the national debt run up. So it’s disappointing when their ilk live up to the angry-and-out-of-control stereotype. Apparently that’s what happened at last night’s “Defund Obamacare” rally at the Hilton Anatole. According to this report by Brad Pearson over at D Healthcare Daily, things got ugly there pretty fast.


  • Mike

    “No fewer than three attendees were removed from the event, each after interrupting Cruz with yelled statements about health insurance. If the Affordable Care Act wasn’t the solution, they asked, what was?”

    Sounds like it was the pro-obamacare people, not tea partiers, who were angry and out of control.

  • Avid Reader

    Were you referencing a different article than Bradford’s that is linked? Couldn’t find the “angry-and-out-of-control” example you mention.

  • Glenn

    Maybe screaming “Communist pr****!” at protesters as they’re being dragged from the room doesn’t qualify as angry or out of control in your book. So, your point is taken and noted.

  • Mike

    I see, so the pro-obamacara protesters who were interrupting the event to such an extent they had to be removed doesn’t strike you as angry and out of control, but a middle aged couple making an offhand comment to the protesters as they’re being removed does, good to know.

  • Phil


    “Several audience members stood at different times to challenge the Senator.

    Rhonda Bowman told Cruz she’s a diabetic who couldn’t afford her medication when her husband lost his job and the family health insurance.

    “My insulin and neuropathy medicine cost $2,000 a month and I could not get that so I had to resort to Mexico to get my medicine,” she said.

    Bowman says she voted for Cruz but wants to know how he’ll help the six million Texans without health insurance.

    “I want to know he’s going to take care of people who work.”

    It turned out Bowman was recruited by the Texas Organizing Project which supports the expansion of Medicaid coverage under ObamaCare. Gabriel Pedreira was part of the protest they staged outside.”

    Sounds like standard Alinsky tactics. Worked on Bradford and Glenn. Actually, they got a three-fer out of it. Glenn mentioned Bradford mentioning it, then Liz mentioned Glenn mentioning Bradford mentioning it. I think that may be a record for a media outlet reporting on itself.

  • BradfordPearson

    Mike, this was not an “off-hand comment.” This was two people screaming at the top of their lungs.

  • t b

    Who says civil discourse is dead? Thanks Tristan! (Urgh, I mean, “Thanks FoxNews and MSNBC!”)

  • Mike

    Well then, that changes everything, they were probably white too, per your excellent article, such horrible people.

  • Bill Marvel

    Of citizens cannot voice their complaints about health care to Sen. Ted Cruz at a poltical rally, where in the hell can they voice them?

  • Jackson

    Glenn Hunter writes, “I’ve always thought tea partiers were pretty much common-sense folks tired of seeing the national debt run up.” Oh, my.

    I wish I had a clever rejoinder, but some things people have “always thought” are best left to bake alone in the noonday sun.

  • Dubious Brother

    Somebody please volunteer to pay Rhonda’s $2,000 per month meds cost because she shouldn’t have to and someone please volunteer to pay their health insurance because they shouldn’t have to because …..

    • Not Buffy

      So, are you saying Rhonda has outlived her societal value as a human being and should just wait for a fatal diabetic episode, curl up and die? Or are you saying she should dump her unemployed husband and find a new one with health insurance, since he no longer has any value to her given his loss of a job with benefits? I know Ivy League-educated medical doctors and attorneys in this city, who suddenly discovered compassion for people like Rhonda after their own highly paid employment with fab health benefits was no longer needed due to budget-cut inducing job layoffs. As they face the more than 1 yr. of unemployment and loss of health benefits and watch the clock wind down on their Cobra benefits, they regret their ‘let them eat cake’ mentality, which really hits them hard now given some of, their spouses and children suffer from medical issues requiring expensive medications.

  • Glenn

    I still believe that’s what it is, Jackson. Not sure how you argue against common-sense curbs on the arrogant, overreaching, out-of-control behemoth that is the federal government. But I’m sure if you think real hard, you’ll come up with something “clever” to do the trick.

  • Mavdog

    Mike, how is it possible for an audience member to be “interrupting the event” when “the event” is billed as a Town Hall meeting meant to have audience participation? It isn’t.

    You say they were “interrupting the event” because they weren’t staying within the specified outline of denouncing the ACA. Well, that is what one gets when they have an event with audience members asking questions.

    and it was a good question at that…

  • Avid Reader

    Protesters interrupt speech by yelling to the point they are thrown out and two people scream at those protesters at the top of their lungs as they are removed from the event. Obviously that makes the entire crowd “angry-and-out-of-control”; got it.

  • Heather

    The attendees who were interrupting / hurling insults, etc. should all be held to the same standard of behavior by those who are evaluating the event (and commenting on it). It makes no sense to be annoyed by people who protest rudely but by the people who respond rudely – and vice versa.

  • Phil

    @Mike @Avid Reader

    Both of you are scurrilously downplaying the importance of this post in internally linking multiple properties in the D empire.

  • Dubious Brother

    Everyone in Texas can get health insurance coverage if they want to pay the premium. It is not an employer’s responsibility to provide health care.
    Medical coverage does not mean first $$ coverage for everything.

  • Jackson

    @Glenn, I didn’t argue against curbs on government as you falsely claim. I simply argued — by quoting you! — that your long-held belief of tea partiers as mainly “common-sense folks tired of seeing the national debt run up” is nuts.

    I think they are nothing more than the modern-day rebranding of the Republican Party’s far right wing, with all of the baggage that label entails. You’re welcome to paint them as folks who care only about sound fiduciary stewardship, even though they are full of crazyness, but you are not welcome to claim my opposition means I’m against curbs on government. Not true, didn’t suggest it. This is a game your side plays all the time. It’s an effrontery up with which I’ll not put.

  • Avid Reader

    I was unaware that the specified outline included the allotment of time for starting a protest chant in the middle of another person’s question or during the speaker’s address.

  • Brett Moore

    “I’ve always thought tea partiers were pretty much common-sense folks tired of seeing the national debt run up.”

    Despite all evidence to the contrary, eh Glenn?

    My favorite is the whole “Obamacare will ruin the country.” meets “Stay away from my medicare” hypocrisy.

  • Phil

    Exactly! It’s this same contemptible hypocrisy that’s keeping 85% of Americans from receiving their own rightful SNAP subsidies, but that won’t last forever, you mark my words. Within 10 years everyone will have a food ration card.

    Who knew FrontBurner was such a gold mine of health care economists? First Bradford, now you, and now me.

  • Not Buffy

    Oy, Dubious, you’re missing the bigger point. Rhonda’s issue is the exorbitant cost of her medicine, $2,000 a month – NOT the fact that she has to pay for it, which she does now by traveling to MEXICO to get reasonably priced medicine that continues/maintains her current quality of life. The employer-paid health insurance provided through her hubby’s gig undoubtedly was a group plan with lots of employee members that offered a cost-benefit to the insurer allowing them to offer/offset the cost of generous prescription benefits. Surely you understand the concept of ‘scale.’

    Using your logic, the elderly or disabled shouldn’t receive Social Security or Medicaid – both government programs. After all, it’s not the country’s fault that they’re old. It’s not the country’s fault that they’re a cripple.

    This healthcare debate is about what you value as a society – citizens and making reasonably priced healthcare affordable to all. In this case, Rhonda’s hubby is jobless. Don’t know their age or educational background, but she isn’t working, is not physically able to hold a job, has a job that doesn’t provide healthcare benefits or doesn’t make enough money to afford the premiums. Have you priced premiums? Outrageous. Especially if there’s a pre-existing condition (s) that health insurance companies are WILLING to cover. And FYI, many reputable health insurance companies will reject you as a client or make you wait several years to get coverage if you’ve had a major illness(es) in the past. Yes, I’m sure it’s hard for you to imagine not everyone is making high-end salaries or have a never-interrupted stream of income to pay high premiums. Most people in Rhonda’s jobless situation are in survival mode. They have to pay for immediate necessities like food, shelter, (mortgages/rent and any accompanying homeowners/renters insurance) and transportation (car payments/car upkeep/car insurance since it’s mandated Texans have car insurance). At that point, health insurance becomes a “luxury.”

    If you’re a family of four – mommy, daddy, little Billy and little Betsy, and the sole breadwinner (or both wage earners) losses his/her gig, thus health insurance benefits, then you pray for the grace of God than no one in your little family gets hit by a car, comes down with a serious case of cancer, or is unfortunate enough to be seriously injured from gunshot wounds after a simple outing to a public venue is marred when a mass shooter goes postal. And Dubious, sometimes unplanned for gunshot wounds require massive amounts of unexpected therapies for indeterminate amounts of time since gunshots can rip through vital organs, be lodged in spines and brains or cause the amputation of limbs, which of course, can lead to more surgeries that in turn need additional therapies.

    So, if you’re hunky dory with the fact that:
    A) Hypothetical family of four will access hospital services and needed medication and then proceed to ‘walk the check’ on their obligations (causing your own or employer-provided healthcare premiums to rise to cover the gaps by families accessing healthcare services and not paying for it) OR
    B) Are okay with hypothetical family paying what that can afford like $5 a month on a $700,000.00 hospital bill obligation, which again will contribute to the increase in premiums of people who can afford to pay high premiums…

    …Then my point is well..pointless..

  • Mike

    The article said they were interrupting the event, so did this Washington Post story – http://tinyurl.com/l3o4bbu

  • Mike

    Oh, and it says quite a bit about the original subject of this post that even the reliably liberal Washington Post didn’t try to portray tea partiers at this event as “angry and out of control”.