TCU Sorority Girls Fall While Running

If you’re like me, you may get a little bored with this video in the beginning. Nothing happens in the first 20 seconds. But then you get to 24 seconds, and you see a sorority girl, running to her house on bid day, fall. Then another one falls (this one I’m a little concerned about). And another. And another. And another. I felt bad for laughing, but according to Pegasus News, no one was seriously hurt.

Brush it off, girls. No one will remember this. For too long.


  • Tim Rogers

    Holy Chrysler 300! Who holds his dang cellphone in portrait mode while taking video in the year 2013? Haven’t we all learned this by now? Even my mom knows better.

  • Matt Harvey

    You’d think that people that can get into TCU could learn to hold their phone correctly while filming…

  • t_s_

    Next time, use something more substantial than fishing line.

  • ernest t bass

    The Curse of Louis Vuitton is alive and well.