See the Monuments Men Trailer, Then Read the Story of Dallas’ Robert Edsel, Nazi Treasure Hunter

You may have encountered the trailer for The Monuments Men, an upcoming film written and directed by George Clooney, which started making the rounds online yesterday. The presence of Bill Murray, John Goodman, and Cate Blanchett together in the cast is enough to get me to the theater, even without knowing that it’s an incredible story based on the account written by Dallas’ own Robert Edsel.

Read the 2011 D Magazine profile of Edsel and his work (which happens to feature the greatest illustration the magazine has ever run), and you’ll be even more excited for the movie too.


  • Alec Baldwin

    I like Edsel, but Lynn Nicholas’ 1994 book, The Rape of Europa, is a vastly superior book on the exact same topic.

  • Patsy Ann Bell

    Is it just me? Or is it just the way the trailer was put together to appeal to George Clooney’s typical audience? This film comes across as just another one of the Ocean’s Number series only this one takes place a half century earlier during WWII. With too much smarty pants humor, it’s the same old formula that I was hoping Clooney wouldn’t use this time. This story deserved a much better treatment and at the very least a creative one.

  • Peter Kurilecz

    have to agree with Patsy is this just another Ocean’s 11? this is a fascinating story. I look forward to seeing the movie but if the trailer is any indication I may have to think again. as for Rape of Europa it is looks at the problem from a different POV. Edsel has a new book out Saving Italy: The Race to Rescue a Nation’s Treasures from the Nazis