Leading Off (8/26/13)

T.D. Jakes Is More Popular Than Jesus: The bishop is expected to draw 50,000 to the first Mega-Fest he has hosted in DFW. No word on how many loaves and fishes have been ordered.

DFW Is Thirsty: Yeah, we get it, the region consumes a lot of water. Can’t we just ban the St. Augustine along with the plastic bags?

In Texas, You Can Now Buy Guns From Cops: Found or unclaimed weapons in the possession of Texas law enforcement can now be yours for the right price.

Uber Service Is Über Pain For Local Cabbies: Here’s a story about how the city council is trying to skirt technology to regulate the cab industry. Spoiler: it won’t work.

Cops Testing New Tactic: Just Asking If You’re a Crook: Last week, when I was pulled over for having a broken headlight, the police officer asked me, “If you had anything illegal in the car, you’d tell me, right?” I said, “Of course,” but what I was thinking was, “Are you feakin’ kidding me? What do you take me for, a moron?” Well, apparently, Dallas is full of morons. The police department’s “knock-and-talk” task force is catching criminals by being nice and just asking.

R.I.P. Steve McGonigle: In his obit, the 30 year vet of the DMN comes across as a reserved, quiet sort – loyal, tenacious, intelligent, and humble. If only we could all be remembered for our empathy, compassion, and the way we “relentlessly chased down wrongdoers.” Steve McGonigle will be missed.

D Magazine Has New Editor: Here is our new editor, Cristina Daglas, formerly of Milwaukee Mag. Welcome to a “giant”-er city, FNG.


  • Brad Johnson

    New boss should absolutely love that the first thing you do is misspell her name.

    • Peter Simek

      I have no idea what you mean . . .

  • JSSS

    Welcome to Dallas, Cristina, where some money and the right connections will allow you to get laws passed to prevent competitors from horning in on your action, even when the service you offer is shoddy!

  • ernest t bass

    Well let’s see what Wick’s new little filly has to say.

    Hit the ground runnin’ … chop chop.

  • Wes Mantooth

    Wait, we regulate cab service around here? Since when? All I ever see is this shambolic collection of poorly (if at all) maintained jalopies that usually smell like way too much air freshener and feel like the front wheel could depart the vehicle at any time.

  • Dan Koller

    Steve McGonigle was anything but a reserved, quiet sort. I had the pleasure of sitting next to him during my final two years at the Morning News. That man taught me all kinds of things about high-volume swearing.

  • Chris

    How to email the Mayor and council to tell them they are idiots if they want to limit Uber.

  • Greg Brown

    I just sent e-mails to all of our council members concerning their attempt to continue the City-sanctioned taxi monopoly. I recommend you do the same. While they don’t like it, they will bend to public will if it is strong enough.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    By “regulate,” Joey Zapata actually means, make it virtually impossible for anyone else to compete with the well-connected incumbent taxi service operators. I had a friend who briefly started a limo service a few years back— the number of irrelevant “hoops” the City made him jump through was laughable. They (City staff) actually seemed pretty upset when he successfully navigated all of them and they were forced to award him a license.

  • Greg Brown

    From Scott Griggs’ (Councilman, District 1)Facebook page:

    Thanks for all the feedback on Uber.

    If you want to save Uber, please sign up and speak. The item has been pulled by Philip Kingston and me. Tell your Council and Mayor not to outlaw Uber. Are we really scared of an app in 2013?

    Call Dallas City Secretary at 214-670-3738 and tell her you would like to speak on Addendum Item 5 & #DallasNeedsUber. Item will be heard in the morning. Plan on being at Dallas City Hall at 9am, this Wednesday, August 28.

    Call 214-670-0776 if you need a parking spot in the garage.