Leading Off (8/23/13)

Fight #1: Pro- vs. Anti-Drilling

The Dallas City Plan Commission held the first of three public hearings on a new gas drilling ordinance yesterday. The commissioners seem to favor a 1,500-foot setback between gas wells and homes. Anti-drilling advocates cheered the stance while drilling proponents claimed the measure would be so restrictive as to be tantamount to a full-on ban.  Odds: Pro-drilling, 15-1. Anti-drilling, 2-1.

Fight #2: Justice Department vs. the State of Texas

The Justice Department on Thursday sued Texas to block the state’s voter ID law. Attorney general Eric Holder said the federal government was acting to prevent voter disenfranchisement. Gov. Rick Perry said the move was an “effort to obstruct the will of the people of Texas.”  Odds: Feds, 3-1. State, 10-1.

Fight #3: What’s the Baby Elephant’s Name?

The Fort Worth Zoo has another baby elephant this month, and his name is “Bowie.” While the Zoo itself pronounces that like “Boo-ee,” Bud Kennedy notes that there are some outside North Texas who would have us believe it’s actually “Boh-ey.”  Odds:  “Boh-ey,” 20-1. “Boo-ee,” 2-1. “Ziggy Stardust,” Even.


  • Uglyassintoo

    Looks like Rodney Daingerfield’s baby picture…